Al-Ahram Weekly   Al-Ahram Weekly
23 - 29 December 1999
Issue No. 461
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A threat greater than Y2K?
Law enforcers are ringing alarm bells about potential terrorist targets in the US and abroad as America prepares to celebrate the new millennium with a big bang, reports Thomas Gorguissian from New York
Jingoism wins the day
Wars win votes, in Chechnya for Yeltsin and Putin this week, just as they did in the Falklands for Mrs Thatcher nearly 18 years ago. Abdel-Malek Khalil writes from Moscow
New century, old war
Despite the elections, the Russian military are continuing their Chechnyan campaign without let-up. Sameh Naguib examines some of the motives
Frailty, thy name is man
It's the world's worst kept secret, but catastrophic natural disasters invariably spare the rich and powerful. --read on--
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