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23 - 29 December 1999
Issue No. 461
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Peace, process or worse
Where Palestinians see peace, Israelis see process. John Whitbeck on the road to nowhere
Scoundrel times indeed
Little new can come from damaged goods, writes Edward Said
Barriers to the breakthrough
What secrets lie behind developments on the Syrian-Israeli track? Gamil Mattar has a few ideas
The Sudanese crisis
Recent developments in Sudan have been the subject of deep concern in Cairo. Mohamed Sid-Ahmed wonders how best Egypt could help overcome the crisis
Close up
By Salama Ahmed Salama
Still paying for the past
A few days ago, Germany signed an agreement for the payment of nearly 10 billion marks ($5.2 billion) in compensation to the victims of forced labour under the Nazi regime, who are said to have worked in German factories during the second World War. The majority of the estimated two million survivors are, as expected, Jews living in America, Eastern Europe or Israel. --read on--
Justice is the key

Naguib Mahfouz
Stories of struggle
Someone told me recently that the Spanish newspaper El Mundo had chosen my novel The Struggle of Thebes as one of the most important of the twentieth century. --read on--

Investing in peace

Mona Makram Ebeid

This week:
Omar Al-Bashir



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