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23 - 29 December 1999
Issue No. 461
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Mourning Opposition needed

Israel is killing Hamas fugitives, the Palestinian Authority is assaulting its dissidents and the opposition is in crisis. Graham Usher writes from Jerusalem

Lebanon jumps on the process wagon
As children wounded by Israeli shelling of their school in south Lebanon slowly recovered from their ordeal, Lebanese officials were preparing themselves to join peace talks with Israel, reports Ranwa Yehia from Beirut
Alone again
Yasser Arafat says he is "not worried" about Israel's renewal of talks with Syria. He seems to be worried sick
Amman strikes at Bin Laden link
The arrest of 14 militants allegedly linked to Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden in Jordan has increased fears of attacks timed to coincide with millennium celebrations, reports Lola Keilani from Amman
Old woes revived
Thousands of Iraqis took to streets last week in protest against a UN Security Council resolution aimed at sending weapons inspectors back to Iraq. Salah Hemeid writes
Bashir-Turabi confrontation escalates
Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir called upon exiled opponents to return home as hopes for a settlement with his former ally and mentor, Hassan Al-Turabi, seemed unlikely to occur, writes Mohamed Khaled
Positioning for the poll
As parliamentary elections close in, Iranian politics are heating up, writes Azadeh Moaveni
Challenge of the refugees
Agreement on the repatriation or compensation of Palestinian refugees is a high priority for both Palestinians and Israelis. Abdel-Azim Hammad looks at the history of this seemingly intractable problem
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