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30 March - 5 April 2000
Issue No. 475
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Defensive collaborations

Mohamed Sid Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Two overlapping processes

John Whitbeck:
Why September is the last chance

James Zogby
James Zogby:
Voter volatility and Arab Americans

Martha Roy
Martha Roy:
A hymn
on the Nile

Profile by
Moushira Abdel-Malek

1994 opinion poll
The results of Al-Ahram Weekly poll
conducted prior to the last parliamentary elections

Millennium issue
20th century Special issue
50 Years of Dispossession The complete archive of the
Special pages commemorating
50 years of Arab dispossession
since the creation of the State of Israel

Mubarak and Clinton
'Fully engaged on all tracks'
At the close of President Mubarak's week-long visit to the US, Nevine Khalil examines the results from Washington
US visit in focus:
-- High-tech transfer tops economy agenda
-- Interview with Minister Ahmed Nazif
-- Mrs Suzanne Mubarak: promoting an Egyptian renaissance
-- Egyptian Americans rally around Mubarak

Continental shifts
The Africa-Europe summit will attempt to reconcile the conflicting agendas of the two continents

Great expectations dashed
The Geneva summit between the Syrian and American presidents failed to reach an agreement on the resumption of Israeli-Syrian peace talks because each side counted on the other to give in first. Lamis Andoni writes

Zero sum -- still
Pope at Basilica of the AnnunciationIsraelis and Palestinians both claimed the pope as their own -- but it has not brought them any closer together. Graham Usher reports from the fractured city of Jerusalem

The pope and Palestine
Afif Safieh is the Palestinian General Delegate to the United Kingdom and the PLO's representative to the Holy See. In an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly, Safieh assesses the political significance of the pope's pilgrimage

Democracy Iraqi style
In Iraq's parliamentary elections, intended to show the public's allegiance to the regime, President Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, was the first to win a seat with a 99.9 per cent majority. Election results, writes Salah Hemeid, held few surprises

Beyond the dole-cracy
The Africans of Senegal have real political maturity, as well as cellphones, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Learning lessons from Lebanon
Baheieddin Hassan finds surprising evidence of vibrant democracy in an unexpected place

Government honours electoral promise
The Shura Council is debating two long-awaited amendments of the Political Rights and People's Assembly Laws before they are sent to the Assembly for approval. Gamal Essam El-Din reports

A difficult venture
Clearing up the confusion regarding recent press reports on the future of civil aviation, Tarek Atia finds out that the small carriers are still a long way from competing with EgyptAir

On the wings of IT
Off-shore software outsourcing is developing at a rapid pace, reports Amira Howeidy

Liberty blues
Americans in Egypt: the phrase conjures up images of oil wells and movie stars; but, as Fayza Hassan discovers, the community's history in this country is far longer and more variegated than casual observation would suggest. Al-Ahram Weekly goes back in time to chronicle a sometimes uneasy, often complex -- but always eventful -- relationship
Unique display of masterpieces
   Archaeological finds excavated by foreign and Egyptian teams that were not previously on public view are being exhibited on the occasion of the International Congress of Egyptology. Nevine El-Aref attended the opening
Monuments don't unearth themselves
How the spirit gets home
Bahaa Taher Frenzied resignation
Crisis at the Writers' Union. Squabbles during the general assembly. Back-stabbing. Al-Ahram Weekly untangles a convoluted tale

Front Page

Total abuse
A UN REPORT says that Israeli residency policy for east Jerusalem "dismembers" Palestinian families. It also charges that Israeli occupation practices adversely affect the natural environment of the occupied Palestinian territories, including the degradation of the infrastructure and depletion of natural resources in an irreversible method. --read on--

ICE unveiled
THE EIGHTH International Congress of Egyptology (ICE), the biggest ever, opened Tuesday and will run until 3 April. Held in the shadow of the pyramids at the Mena House Oberoi, the congress is attended by more than 1,500 Egyptologists and scholars from 50 countries. --read on--

Stabbing mystery drags on
A man detained by police on suspicion of having stabbed squash player Ahmed Barrada has been set free. Inas Mazhar reports

Squash fiesta minus Barada
Two championships in Egypt bring to a close the international squash season. Nashwa Abdel-Tawab reports on the double finale

Silver Silver whispers
AHMED Badawi's masterpieces of adornment combine elements of the Pharaonic heritage with a resolute modernism, writes Reham El-Adawi.

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