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6 - 12 April 2000
Issue No. 476
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Edward Said
Edward Said:
Law and order

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Beyond neo-colonialism?

Mohamed Sobhi
Mohamed Sobhi:
The world, the stage

Profile by
Niveen Wahish

Harp Egyptology congress: weghing the issues

1994 opinion poll
The results of Al-Ahram Weekly poll
conducted prior to the last parliamentary elections

Millennium issue
20th century Special issue
50 Years of Dispossession The complete archive of the
Special pages commemorating
50 years of Arab dispossession
since the creation of the State of Israel

Africa-Europe Summit
Speaking at last
Africa and Europe. Gamal Nkrumah reports on the meeting of the twain
Summit in focus:
-- Text of Mubarak opening speech
-- Coverage of political, economic and development sessions
-- The NGO alternative
-- Who won what?
-- The legacy of colonialism
-- Interview with Gaddafi

Withdrawal dilemmas
Israel's apparent determination to unilaterally withdraw from southern Lebanon has thrown Syria into a quandary

Rallying round the leaders
A rally, organised jointly by a number of opposition parties, asserted their rejection of two government sponsored bills related to political reform. Amira Howeidy attended

Learning about Zionism
A new encyclopedia on Jewish history, religion and politics provoked an animated debate at a Cairo seminar last week. Omayma Abdel-Latif attended

Government faces suit over duty free
Egypt Free Shops Company shareholders, fed up with the government's delay in re-purchasing their shares, are now threatening to file a suit, writes Mona El-Fiqi

Land Day
One land, one people
Land Day is not only a commemoration of struggles past and present of the Palestinian minority in Israel. For Palestinians everywhere, it is increasingly becoming a vision of the future. Graham Usher reports from the "Intifada-like" town of Sakhnin in the Galilee

'Beyond a reasonable doubt'
Dismissing all evidence to the contrary, the US continues to deny its use of biological warfare during the Korean War. Matters have now come to a head, writes Faiza Rady

The power of words
A war crimes tribunal breaks brave new ground by trying sexual offences against women as an instrument of war, writes Nyier Abdou

What lies behind all the recent talk of a global water crisis -- a human and social disaster in the making, or scaremongering designed to protect corporate interests? Fatemah Farag talks to President of the World Water Commission, Egypt's Minister for Irrigation Mahmoud Abu Zeid, while Peter Snowdon investigates the ecology and politics of "blue gold"
Watering the future

'The most precious mineral'
The ants go driving one by oneE
Traffic jamA plan to alleviate traffic in the capital includes the construction of 12 underground garages. Gihan Shahine slams on the brakes
What country, friends, is this?
Instead of Illyria, Nehad Selaiha is beguiled by the razzle-dazzle world of American show-biz

Front Page

Pervez visit
GENERAL PERVEZ Musharraf, Pakistan's military chief, will arrive in Cairo on 15 April to hold talks with President Hosni Mubarak on ways of consolidating bilateral relations in economic, political and technological fields. --read on--

Hebron clash
PALESTINIANS protesting against the expansion of a Jewish settlement clashed with Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday, Reuters reported. --read on--

Talks off
THE GULF State of Oman has called off multilateral talks on water resources that were scheduled to be held in Muscat on 11 April. --read on--

Rioters in Alexandria
Writing history, making history
Amina Elbendary observes the rise of the subalterns

Peter Nicol
No 1 remains as is
The world's best two squash players met head-on in Hurghada and the status quo remained, writes Nashwa Abdel-Tawab

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