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6 - 12 April 2000
Issue No. 476
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Dirty money

Sir- Hardly had I finished reading several articles in the Egyptian press about the ever growing danger of counterfeit money and dirty bank notes when a much-travelled Egyptian businessman showed me a couple of Australian and Thai bank notes. When I expressed my surprise at their pristine condition my friend explained that they were washable, crush-proof and due to their transparent spot, totally counterfeit proof!

Is this something we could use in Egypt? (The material they are made of is "polymer plastic.")
Mamdouh El-Dakhakhni

Aching for an antidote

Sir- In reference to your article titled "Appeal for social peace" (Al-Ahram Weekly, 24 February - 1 March): As an Egyptian, I stand tall and applaud the 100 intellectuals who put their names on a list of recommendations to eliminate future sectarian strife in Egypt. I will stand much taller and applaud even louder when officials and the nation as a whole truly address and cure this "hidden disease", as it was called in the People's Assembly fact-finding committee report on the 1972 Al-Khanka Church attack. The remedy for this disease is long overdue. In the past 25 years alone, there have been 40 sectarian clashes in Egypt, not to mention the lives, property, churches, businesses that were lost or destroyed due to this hideous disease.

We as Egyptians, regardless of our religion and profession, need to stand up and participate in what is right and fair. We must not be biased, whether these immoral acts of violence against Egyptian citizens affects us directly or indirectly. Then maybe this disease of hate and prejudice will not spread; hopefully it will die from isolation.
Ihab Azmi

Staying connected

Sir- I write to wish you alf mabrouk on Al-Ahram Weekly and its on-line version. As someone who loves Egypt and its ways, and who cannot visit there often enough, the Weekly is an ideal way of keeping in touch with developments in thought and culture even though I am far away (and, as a Zamalkawi, I can follow the fluctuating fortunes of "my" team!) The transition to an on-line edition is achieved seamlessly and, most importantly, with all the interactivity of archive access that makes it at once immediately useful and invaluable as a research tool. I am truly delighted with the Weekly and its on-line version, and wish you all success in continuing its impressive progress.

My very favourite column is the magisterial selection of topical archive material selected each week by Dr Yunan Labib Rizk under the heading Diwan of Contemporary Life. I am pleased indeed to see that the column has recently been given more space, and wonder if there is any possibility of bringing together this immeasurably important series of columns into book form at some stage? I would buy it immediately!
Mike Murphy
Managing editor on-line
The Times of London


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