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13 - 19 April 2000
Issue No. 477
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George El-Khouri anonymous Nadia
A SYMMETRICAL PREDICAMENT: Born on 8 April, painting icon Mahmoud Said (1897-1964) died 67 years later on the exact same day. An early, dedicated pioneer with a distinct vision and an instantly recognisable style, Said's paintings reflect the same sense of far-fetched symmetry that conditioned his life course. Left: an early portrait of Said's friend the painter George El-Khouri (1921); and an unfinished portrait of the anonymous Nadia, begun during the year of his death.

Celebrating 103 years since his death, Said's villa in Alexandria, refurbished and restored, is about to be reopened as a cultural centre displaying work by other famous Alexandrine painters alongside Said's, and organising various cultural events. Bought by the Ministry of Culture in 1969 and inaugurated as the Mahmoud Said Museum in 1973, the villa is a beautiful example of turn-of-the-century architecture.


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