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13 - 19 April 2000
Issue No. 477
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New management, new jargon
The IMF has a new managing director. Ahmed Abushadi assesses his prospects
The state is the crisis
The last thing Africa needs is to rebuild the state systems collapsing across the continent or clinging to power by brute force, writes Mohamed El-Sayed Said
The present impasse
Once again, the Middle East peace process is stalled. Mohamed Sid-Ahmed discusses whether Israel's decision to withdraw from Lebanon, even unilaterally, changes the picture
Why is peace floundering?
The main obstacle on the Syrian-Israeli track, writes Osama El-Ghazali Harb, is a mutual lack of trust
Close up
By Salama Ahmed Salama
Winds of war
The Middle East seems braced to join an arms race. Huge pur-hases of new defensive weap-ns coincide with a marked es-alation in threats and anxiety not known since the Gulf War ended and Iraq's attempt to in-ade Kuwait was foiled. --read on--
That was the deal

If the United States is to perform its role as an honest broker in the Middle East peace process, it cannot simply be a mes-enger for Israeli views. --read on--

Naguib Mahfouz
Suits you, sir
At most, there are nine or 10 winter suits hanging in my ward-obe. --read on--

This week:
Ehud Barak

By Nadia Makram Ebeid
Protect and preserve
The world is facing a huge challenge: how to achieve accelerated development, in all its forms, while protecting the environment. --read on--



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