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11 - 17 May 2000
Issue No. 481
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Ending the evasion

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Post-third way experimentation

Naguib Sawiris
Interview with Naguib Sawiris

Mursi Saad El-Din
Mursi Saad El-Din:
Broader horizons
Profile by
Gamal Nkrumah

The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections

Light amid the clouds
YESTERDAY'S lighting of a torch in ancient Olympia, at the temple of Hera, the site where the original Olympics were born in 776 BC, is a practice with a more venerable history than even the modern games, whose arrival it invariably heralds. --read on--

The 'madness' ahead
Fears of Israel running rampage in Lebanon have made the prospects of withdrawal a bitter chalice

Accommodating Israel
The latest crisis in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations exposes the ineffectiveness of both the US's presence in and the Europeans' absence from the Oslo process. Graham Usher writes from Jerusalem

Intellectuals' dilemma
Al-Shaab's orchestration of protests against a Syrian novel the majority of protesters have not read threatens to engulf far more than a single book, writes Mona Anis

Catching up with global progress
Denying reports of his impending candidacy in the coming general elections, Gamal Mubarak, a member of the ruling party and spokesman for the Egyptian-American Presidents' Council, insisted that the overall economic picture in Egypt was reassuring

Debating Holocaust denial
The libel trial initiated by David Irving, a British revisionist historian of Nazi Germany, against one of his critics has resurrected some nasty intellectual ghosts in Europe. Nadia Abou El-Magd reports on how the controversy is viewed on this side of the Mediterranean

In Retrospect
A year after NATO's assault on Yugoslavia, Naom Chomsky shows how evidence of crimes were adduced to provide retrospective justification for the war

Labour on the fence
LabourAs economic liberalisation and a vigorous privatisation drive reconstruct the very meaning of work in the country, Fatemah Farag -- in the second of a two-part exposé on labour issues -- investigates how workers are faring, both on the shop floor and off it -- on the dole queue Women's work
Midnight's children

Saluting beauty
Nur Elmessiri, Anna Boghiguian, Safarkhan, Baudelaire, zar
Images from the mind
Many old villas in Cairo have been pulled down and replaced by far more profitable high-rises. A few remain, however, moving reminders of times gone by. With help from some passionate conservationists, Fayza Hassan discovers architectural relics in the heart of Cairo
Perpetual rebirth
BeirutLebanon two decades ago, three years ago, and today are mirror-images skewed by war and time. Tarek Atia writes from the tortured beauty that is Beirut

Front Page

Books Books Monthly supplement

Tug of war
WHILE closely monitoring the political infighting in Khartoum, Cairo is forging ahead with its efforts to reconcile the Sudanese opposition and government. --read on--

Israeli nukes
EGYPT'S diplomatic efforts to draw international attention to the Israeli refusal to accept the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) seems to have succeeded. --read on--

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