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11 - 17 May 2000
Issue No. 481
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People to people
Last week, the Hashemite Kingdom displayed great aptitude in organising the 103rd Inter-Parliamentary Union, writes Sami Metwali from Amman
The sparkle in Sankoh's eye
The UN digs for ideas about keeping the peace in diamond-studded Sierra Leone and Angola, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Why Diallo had to die
A heady mix of guns, racism and poverty has convinced white America that culling minorities is justifiable -- perhaps even necessary, writes Manning Marable from New York
The unconscionable loop
Gun control may have resurfaced as a high-profile cause to tote, but are first-grade killers and high-school massacres not enough to jolt this sluggish nation out of its gun-numb rut? asks Nyier Abdou
In Retrospect
A year after NATO's assault on Yugoslavia, Naom Chomsky shows how evidence of crimes were adduced to provide retrospective justification for the war
Pax Americana goes nukes
The US is using strong-arm tactics to impose its nuclear deterrent on the world, but America might be shooting itself in the foot, writes Lamis Andoni from New York
The religious factor
The problem of religious rights is a serious one. But this is no excuse for Washington to meddle in other countries' affairs, argues James Zogby

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