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1 - 7 June 2000
Issue No. 484
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Non-growing pains

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
A win-win game?

Naom Chomsky
Naom Chomsky:
Gunboat diplomacy

Mustafa Darwish
Mustafa Darwish:
Dream maker
Profile by
Youssef Rakha

The terms of engagement
Will the new marriage contract solve old problems, or simply create new ones? Divorce, finds Reem Leila, is less controversial after all

The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections

Holy Family TRADITIONALLY, the Holy Family is thought to have arrived in Egypt on 1 June, and tonight, 2000 years to the night, hundreds of people will gather at the church of Saint Mary in Maadi to celebrate the event, reports Rehab Saad
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Tense stability
Awaiting the UN report on the Israeli withdrawal, Lebanon's government acts cautiously to maintain security, writes Ranwa Yehia from Beirut

Making Lebanon whole again
As the defeated Israelis absconded, leaving their SLA allies to an apparently dismal fate, Hizbullah, the victors, acted with dignity. For the first time in decades, writes David Hirst in Beirut, Lebanon could become whole again, and not just in a physical sense

Labouring on
As the leader of the suspended Labour Party backs the government candidate for Bar Association elections, Mona El-Nahhas explores the intricacies of a possible deal in the making

Journalists give Al-Shaab 'critical' support
The Press Syndicate has come out against a decision suspending the publication of Al-Shaab, reports Shaden Shehab

Intellectuals fight back
Al-Azhar's request to review all books published by the Ministry of Culture was denounced by some 2,500 writers who declared it to be a threat to freedom of expression. Khaled Dawoud reports

Reformists ready for gradual revolution
With more reformists in Iran's government, a new stage opens in the clerical regime's power struggle. In Tehran, Azadeh Moaveni leafs through the reformists' agenda

Wars within wars
Ethiopia surges ahead, brazenly claiming that borders were never its main concern. Calm will only come with international intervention, writes Dan Connell

Down by the waterfall
Waterfalls DardenThe erosion of urban greenery has been blamed on bureaucratic neglect and chaotic urban development. Fatemah Farag, treading the winding paths of the Waterfalls Garden in Alexandria, wonders whether the solution -- privatisation -- is not in fact the final nail in the coffin of public space
Bulldozers put on the brakes
The government's final decision to go through with a military order banning the leveling of villas and palaces has put a halt to the demolition frenzy. Gihan Shahine reviews events leading up to this most timely decision
Coptic art steals the show
Coptic artTwo thousand years of Coptic art hits the European circuit with a new exhibition currently running in Paris, Jill Kamil and Nevine El-Aref report
Playing with the enemy

A recent Palestinian-Israeli football match turned, for a couple of hours, opponents into friends for no apparent reason, writes Alaa Shahine.

Front Page

Madrid talks
PRESIDENT Hosni Mubarak returned home yesterday from a three-day state visit to Spain. While in Madrid, Mubarak secured continued Spanish support for the Middle East peace process
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Peace stalled
THE NEXT round of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks is mired in uncertainty. The talks held in Stockholm were suspended 10 days ago by the Israelis following a week of deadly violence in the Palestinian territories triggered by a hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
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Cinema under siege
Is the increased importation of American movies responsible for the ongoing crisis in the local film industry? Gamal Essam El-Din lends an ear to parliamentary discussion on the matter

Still going strong
Egypt's three teams made it to the quarter-finals of their respective African football championships. Abeer Anwar reports on a week of success


Pimpin' a classic
An Egyptian tune tops the American pop charts, anonymously. Tarek Atia reveals the secret link between Abdel-Halim Hafez and Jay-Z

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