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6 - 12 July 2000
Issue No. 489
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Fishing for the small fry

Ahmed Abdel-Halim
Ahmed Abdel-Halim:
Time to get ready

Abdel-Azim Hammad
Abdel-Azim Hammad:
Foundations of dynastic rule

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
A French-German debate

Abdel-Khaleq Allam
Abdel-Khaleq Allam:
Feats of flexibility
Profile by
Fayza Hassan

Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri
Goodbye, little Columbus
By Fayza Hassan

Restaurant review
Eating pyramids
Injy El-Kashef stumbles upon a mirage

Oriental dance
and the beat

At respectable weddings or in louche nightclubs, from Alexandria to Aswan (via Pyramids Road) and beyond, Fayza Hassan follows the enduring, eternal fascination of baladi dance and its derivatives

From the archives:
The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections
Aga Khan's mausoleumEvery day since 1963, Sheikh Said Ahmed Ibrahim has fulfilled his promise to Begum Umm Habiba, and visited the Agha Khan's mausoleum to place red roses on the tomb and recite verses from the Qur'an. Although the Begum, known for her interest in women's causes and philanthropic work, died last Saturday in the south of France, aged 94, Sheikh Said continues to trek up the hill every day. Promises, after all, can last longer than life itself.
Obituary: In the name of the rose

Liquidity and beyond
The liquidity crunch is over, according to the government. But is the recession? Aziza Sami inspects the economic scene

'Villages like ours'
The mystery metal that killed two villagers near Cairo has been identified. As Amira Howeidy reports from Mit Halfa, however, residents are not relieved

Prominent NGO figure arrested
Does the state object to the foreign funding of civil society organisations in principle, or merely to the mishandling of these funds? One of many questions raised by the arrest, this week, of Saadeddin Ibrahim, a prominent sociologist and NGO figure. Mariz Tadros and Jailan Halawi report

Money, money, money
Due to the protracted liquidity crisis, people fear they will never get paid. Sherine Abdel-Razek reports

Corruption stigma haunts NDP
Corrupt ruling party MPs, and their business confederates, had the book thrown at them at the conclusion of the so-called "loan deputies case" last week. Can the NDP wipe the stain? Gamal Essam El-Din investigates

Lawyers strike back
A decision to delay Bar Association elections indefinitely has sparked protests by lawyers throughout the country, reports Mona El-Nahhas

More space in space
Egypt's second media satellite will soon be launched. Rehab Saad looks at an improved and even cheaper model

IRAQ It's called genocide
Iraq may no longer be in the media spotlight, but its slow and certain destruction continues. Rasha Saad heard the former UN humanitarian coordinator describe the sanctions as premeditated murder, while photographer Khaled El-Fiqi captured images of the suffering that accompanies even survival

PRI outfoxed at last
The stranglehold on power in Mexico's 71-year Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is finally over, writes Hisham El-Naggar

Getting down to the wire
The PLO's Central Council brought the prospect of a Palestinian declaration of statehood a step closer this week. But what kind of declaration will it turn out to be? Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem

From Shiraz with restraint
The closing of the much-publicised trial in Iran charging 13 Jews with espionage ends another chapter of factional confrontation. But is it the end of story for Iran's Jews, asks Azadeh Moaveni

A spin on Saddam
The two rivals for the US presidency are oubiding one another in expressing their commitment to overthrowing Saddam Hussein. The implications for Iraqis remains as grim as ever, writes Salah Hemeid

A tentative qualification
CinemaOf the sixth National Festival for Egyptian Cinema's 15 awards, announced on Thursday, Oula Thanawi received two, Al-Abwab Al-Moghlaqa six and Gannet Al-Shayatin an astounding seven. Three remarkable films -- but how remarkable? Mustafa Darwish takes issue with the top runner

Arab elsewhere
Egypt is the star of the current 5th Biennale of Arab Cinemas, write David Tersilisan from Paris

The Biennale at a glance

Front Page
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How to get there
It's summer again and sun-seekers are packing up to travel to Egypt's myriad resorts along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts.

State stall
ISRAEL's Prime Minister Ehud Barak held talks yesterday with his British counterpart Tony Blair on the Middle East peace process and how to break the deadlock in the negotiations with the Palestinians. --read on--

Spy strike
PROTESTING against what they claimed was a "complete lack of backing" by the government, agents of the Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence agency, said they were planning to refuse further missions in protest of the trial in Switzerland of a self-confessed agent --read on--

Long battle
IRAN'S Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei urged the Lebanese Shi'ite Hizbullah group to remain vigilant in its long battle against Israel. The comment came Tuesday during talks with Hizbullah head Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. --read on--

The measure of poverty
How well has Egypt fared in the battle against poverty? Mariz Tadros surveys divergent answers

France wins The world
had a ball

The dramatic French victory in EURO 2000 capped one of the most exciting football championships on record

Final facts
Best and worst

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