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13 - 19 July 2000
Issue No. 490
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Gamil Mattar
Gamil Mattar:
Dark at the end of the tunnel

David Hirst
David Hirst:
Demons no longer deferred

Abdel-Azim Hammad
Abdel-Azim Hammad:
A house with two owners

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Camp David II

Dennis Halliday

Dennis Halliday
Death for Oil

Abdel-Khaleq Allam
Salah Hilal:
Luminary in the shadow

Profile by
Samir Sobhi

Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri
Goldilocks and the three hairs
By Fayza Hassan

Restaurant review
The siren's call
Injy El-Kashef
deconstructs a lobster

Livin' in
a material world

Businessmen worldwide have opted to set up shop in Dubai, hailed as the region's most prosperous commercial hub. This is precisely the reason that prompted Tanya Goudsouzian to visit. Viva consumerism!

From the archives:

The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections
Supreme Constitutional Court
PILLARS OF JUSTICE: In a radical departure from the traditional architectural style of most government buildings, the Supreme Constitutional Court dominates its surroundings on the east bank of Nile --read on--

Making history at the Supreme Court
The Supreme Constitutional Court's landmark ruling -- that judges should have full authority to oversee parliamentary elections -- may prove a turning point in the nation's political history. Gamal Essam El-Din analyses the ramifications

Tempered jubilation
The judges are coming

Fateful decisions
American, Israeli and Palestinian leaders are huddling together in the quest for a lasting Middle East peace. Hoda Tawfik reports from Camp David

Up in the air
What can Egypt do if Arafat turns down Barak's offer of a "medium-range deal"? Support his declaration of statehood, writes Dina Ezzat

It all began there. In Camp David, 22 years ago, Egypt and Israel sealed their "peace of the brave"; war was no longer an option by which Arabs could regain their usurped land; the stage had been irrevocably set for the "peace process". Will it end there? Al-Ahram Weekly examines the prospects Camp David II Camp David II
Camp David I

The burden of proof
As prosecutors gather evidence against jailed NGO figure Saadeddin Ibrahim, Jailan Halawi and Mariz Tadros report on the implications regarding civil freedoms

Accommodating political Islam
Secularists and Islamists considered ways of mutual accommodation but, as Omayma Abdel-Latif reports, the road ahead appears very long

Ready for Renaissance
Boycotted by key African leaders, the 36th annual OAU summit in Togo this week was yet another forum where Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi urged the creation of the United States of Africa, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Larger net for bigger fish
What does it mean when the two biggest ISPs in the country merge under a giant IT company? Amira Howeidy examines the impact on the local Internet market

Into the danger zone
The current heat wave is only a piece in the puzzle of extreme weather conditions that have increasingly been plaguing planet Earth. Fatemah Farag joins the temperature-braving crowd

Life at the top
Fayza Hassan scales the city's peaks

The prince's will
At a time when green space is rare and the architectural heritage disappearing fast, plans to restore Prince Mohamed Ali's Manial Palace and its exotic gardens have delighted many nostalgic preservationists. Gihan Shahine reviews the century-old story of a landmark

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Urgent decree
IN RESPONSE to a historic ruling on Saturday by the Supreme Constitutional Court that judges must supervise all polling stations in parliamentary elections, President Hosni Mubarak yesterday decided to send to the People's Assembly and Shura Council a presidential decree amending three laws regulating the electoral process, reports Nevine Khalil.

Bashar vote
SYRIANS overwhelmingly endorsed Bashar Al-Assad as their new president, giving him 97.29 per cent of the vote in a referendum held exactly one month after the death his father, former President Hafez Al-Assad. --read on--

African snub
THE ORGANISATION of African Unity (OAU) ended its summit in the Togolese capital of Lome yesterday with a call for an early resolution to the crisis plaguing the country. --read on--

How to get there
If the heat's getting to you, you're probably planning on joining the summer exodus to Egypt's Mediterranean and Red Sea Coasts. Following is the low-down on getting from A to B.

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