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3 - 9 August 2000
Issue No. 493
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Clinton's ugly threats

Edward Said
Edward Said:
One more chance

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Building on Camp David

  Jehan El-Sadat
Jehan El-Sadat:
Destinies forged anew

Profile by
Fayza Hassan

Ancient Egypt
What they left behind
Amina Elbendary explores contemporary Egyptian traditions that reflect ancient habits

Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri
Allo, allo
By Fayza Hassan

Restaurant review
The cup overfloweth
Injy El-Kashef experiences true bliss

From the archives:
The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections
Hanging Church
POPES AND MINISTERS: The restoration of Old Cairo's fourth century Hanging Church has taken on Byzantine twists with the disappearnce of a first century Roman fresco and claims and counter claims over the inadvertant plastering of a 1,500 year-old marble pulpit. --read on--

Passing the parcel
Ehud Barak, all but down and out, is looking to the Americans, Europeans and Arabs to rescue him. But will they, asks Graham Usher in Jerusalem

A war of words
Juggling a commitment to regional security with Egyptian-US friendship is a bigger challenge than ever before, writes Dina Ezzat

A businessman's blight
A prominent business tycoon's assets have been put under sequestration. What went wrong?

Counting on the courts
In the political as in the business sphere, the judiciary been making increasingly resonant waves. Are two of the three arms of government at logger-heads? Gamal Essam El-Din investigates

Destitute but determined
Disappointed, frustrated and angry, the EOHR has vowed to fight for the licence it never got, reports Amira Howeidy

Planning the communications revolution
A $1 billion masterplan for the development of Egypt's telecommunications infrastructure is in the making. Niveen Wahish reports

No deal is a good deal
Arafat's steadfastness at Camp David was hailed as a victory, not only in occupied Palestine, but throughout the Arab world, reports Sherine Bahaa

Rehabilitating the south
The Lebanese government finally approved the deployment of UN troops along its border with Israel, with hopes that international aid would soon follow to help rebuild the south. Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait 10 years on

Hard to believe
No ruler deserves a final reckoning like Saddam Hussein; and none has been so adept at deferring it. Will he still be around 10 years from now? Hard to believe; but certainly no harder than the same forecast would have been a decade ago when he invaded Kuwait, writes David Hirst From Umm Qasr in southern Iraq
See also:
Remembering the occupation
Downloading death
Starting this week, Al-Ahram Weekly is expanding its arts coverage with an enlarged Listings section and a new focus on the world of entertainment
Clash of the titans

Competition is healthy, writes Tarek Atia, as long as the audience remains entertained
Front Page
  US Mirror Site (updated on Sunday)

Intensive consultations
WINDING up his Arab tour, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat stopped over in Alexandria yesterday for talks with President Hosni Mubarak which Foreign Minister Amr Moussa described as "very fruitful and useful," reports Nevine Khalil from the Mediterranean resort city.--read on--

The road to Rome

Their dream, they believe, can only be fulfilled on the other side of the Mediterranean -- and they will go through hell and high water to get there. Amira Howeidy hears a story of failure

Nassir Shamma
Protoplasmic instrumentals
David Blake enjoys a lute without the body
Egyptian sports shakes up
Fifty years of nostalgia has come to an end. Abeer Anwar tunes in to the changes

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