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3 - 9 August 2000
Issue No. 493
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Arafat No deal is a good deal
Arafat's steadfastness at Camp David was hailed as a victory, not only in occupied Palestine, but throughout the Arab world, reports Sherine Bahaa

Staying put, for now
It was not just the Palestinians who were pleased that Yasser Arafat "stood firm" on Jerusalem. So were the Armenians of the Old City, writes Graham Usher

Rehabilitating the south
The Lebanese government finally approved the deployment of UN troops along its border with Israel, with hopes that international aid would soon follow to help rebuild the south. Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut

All's quiet on the western front
The US seems to be set to play a more direct role in the Western Sahara conflict to end the nine-year deadlock. Rasha Saad surveys the latest developments

Kuwait Hard to believe
No ruler deserves a final reckoning like Saddam Hussein; and none has been so adept at deferring it. Will he still be around 10 years from now? Hard to believe; but certainly no harder than the same forecast would have been a decade ago when he invaded Kuwait, writes David Hirst From Umm Qasr in southern Iraq

Remembering the occupation
The spectre of the Iraqi invasion still haunts Kuwaitis 10 years later, creeping into their daily lives and even darkening their hopes for the future. Karim El-Gowhary writes from Kuwait

Down-loading death
As the deadlock over Iraq enters its 11th year, the suffering of the Iraqi people continues, while Saddam Hussein is still going strong. Salah Hemeid examines the continuing tragedy

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