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10 - 16 August 2000
Issue No. 494
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Roger Owen
Roger Owen:
The Russians are coming

Gamil Mattar
Gamil Mattar:
Let them eat keyboards

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
The ball is in our court

  Walid Aouni
Walid Aouni:
Apples from the deep green sea

Profile by
David Blake

Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri
Allo, allo, allo
By Fayza Hassan

Restaurant review
Dare to sin
Injy El-Kashef screams for ice-cream

From the archives:
The 1995 parliamentary elections
The full coverage of the 1995 elections
AL-Aqsa MosqueGUNS AND PRAYER: Israeli soldiers dawdle in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Technically it is illegal for armed Israelis to enter the grounds of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome though, like so many technicalities, it is endlessly flaunted by the city's de facto rulers --see caption--

Back to the wall
In the wake of Camp David, Yasser Arafat is in a jam. Graham Usher in Ramallah writes on the ties that bind the Palestinian leader

Just ballots
Upcoming elections will not only be held under judicial supervision, but polling will take place in three phases, a first in Egyptian parliamentary history, writes Gamal Essam El-Din

Campaigning carefully
The illegal Muslim Brotherhood will participate in November's parliamentary elections. But its candidates, as Amira Howeidy finds out, will run individually, and not as a group

Storm in a teacup?
How seriously should Egyptians take a column, however offensive, in the New York Times? Nadia Abou El-Magd reports on a minor storm in Egypt-US ties

Voices in the American wilderness
The plight of the Iraqi people after 10 years of devastating international sanctions continues to leave American policy-makers cold, writes Salah Hameid

Scraping the barrel
Ehud Barak is in desperate need of allies, even among those who resort to the worst forms of anti-Arab racism and theological anti-Semitism, Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem

In the shadow of death
After more than 20 years of unbearable waiting, Lebanese families whose relatives were kidnapped or went missing during the civil war must confront a new reality, writes Ranwa Yehia in Beirut

Their brother's keeper
The reported release of political prisoners in Syria is not the only reform measure President Bashar Al-Assad took since he was elected last month, Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab writes from Damascus

Closing Sana'a
Mediation efforts by Yemen's president did not end the confrontation between Islamists and intellectuals over a 28-year-old novel considered by extremists as "blasphemous," Nasser Arrabyee reports from Sana'a

The world stood by and did nothing'
RwandaThe latest investigation of the 1994 Rwandan genocide accuses the international community of having allowed the horror to happen, writes Faiza Rady
The bitter fruits of colonialism

Rwanda: what the world knew

No beating around the Bush
As the US presidential race commences, the focus is on the candidates' personalities, not the issues. Thomas Gorguissian reports from Philadelphia

Firing rainbow ammunition
Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf, and soul diva Chaka Khan asked Americans to "Buy Republican" last week. It was all about presidential packaging, writes Kareem Fahim

Levantine contradictions
While Lebanon rises, Syria admits defeat. Youssef Rakha goes from Bait Al-Din to Damascus
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  US Mirror Site (updated on Sunday)

Books Books Monthly supplement

Solid support
PALESTINIAN President Yasser Arafat was in Egypt yesterday for the third consecutive Wednesday since the Camp David talks failed to achieve a breakthrough towards a comprehensive Palestinian-Israeli settlement, reports Nevine Khalil
Not a panacea
The reaction in Cairo to Egypt's inclusion in the Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Index was unexpectedly cool, reports Sherine Abdel-Razek

When the hills are alive
Lubna Abdel-Aziz returns from the Karlovy Vary film festival fully rejuvenated, and without the help of a spa

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