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7 - 13 September 2000
Issue No. 498
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Spelling bee

Sir- One of the first things I read in Al-Ahram Weekly is "Pot-pourri." I find it delightful.

But a few weeks ago Fayza Hassan bantered a poor taxi driver for saying "Eddz" (for AIDS) and now (Al-Ahram Weekly, 31 August-6 September) she calls the sister-ship of Esperia the "Ozonia" (for Ausonia)!
Paolo Lombardini

Hope for Jerusalem

Sir- I greatly enjoy the intellect shown in Mohamed Sid-Ahmed's articles. I wonder if he would care to make an analysis of the giant that has become the National Bank of Egypt, its place in our society and whether can Egypt afford to keep such a dinosaur alive for its own economic sake.

Also, his article on the status of Jerusalem (Al-Ahram Weekly, 24-30 August) was excellent. It would be difficult to convince the Israelis to accept it, however. The Vatican has for a very long time tried to talk along the same lines, to no avail. The management of this land by the Muslims was impeccable for centuries; the problem would fundamentally lie with the Israelis. And what could one offer them that could be acceptable to them and the Arabs simultaneously? There is very little chance of success -- even with them milking the Yanks as always.
Zaki G Fahmi

Eye for an eye?

Sir- If religious Israelis recognise the Biblical maxim "an eye for an eye," the transfer of the Wailing Wall to Palestinians while Israel controls Al-Aqsa Mosque would certainly be understood. It would complete and refine the absurdity of the Israeli position. My daughter is a student at Columbia University and she tells me there is a lot of student sentiment for the Palestinian position. Jews are proud to claim that the Torah encompasses and encourages reason. Is the mind lost when the Bible is closed?

Martin H Platt, MD, FAAP

Vocal cooperation

Sir- With reference to Edward Said's "A voice crying in the wilderness" (Al-Ahram Weekly, 24-30 August), I went through the article with great interest.

A quote first: Plato's, although I am quoting off the top of my head: The price that good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

Coming to the article, I am tempted to say that the silent majority in America must be made to vote through mass communication. So if Mr Nader's running mate is black then Africa Diaspora will come out, in its own way, with a dramatic article. To be useful, it has to come out before the election. Chip in any more news, with a photograph of Mr Nader, and we will see.

Ibrahim Alabi Oridota Editor, Africa Diaspora

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