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12 - 18 October 2000
Issue No. 503
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Operation Hebron

Sir-Allow me to share with you my reflections on an interesting book I read recently. Operation Hebron published this year by International Media Ltd in London, is written by Eric Jordan, a former seasoned CIA operative with vast experience in the Middle East who had once been the CIA chief of the Cairo station.

Operation Hebron, a first-class spy novel with all the spicy ingredients of a potential best-seller-- a good plot, skullduggery, suspense, beautiful women -- is really explosive material, as it deals with the powerful Jewish lobby in the US, hence it may meet an ignoble fate.

The plot is very simple yet ingenious if not outright incendiary. The prime minister of Israel, Aharon Eshel decides to convene a meeting of the Big Five in Israel. The Big Five are the five most powerful leaders of the country who meet rarely, but when they meet, it is usually on a business of fateful nature. This cabal includes the prime minister, the Mossad chief, the defence minister, the economy minister, the foreign minister. The Mossad chief of the Washington DC Station is also invited to the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting, which is convened in utmost secrecy, is a momentous decision Israel has to take. The prime minister Aharon Eshel (a character very similar to Yitzhak Shamir) briefs his colleagues on the recent deterioration of American-Israeli relations and specifically since the election of president Douglas. Prime Minister Eshel is particularly concerned with President Douglas who is seen to a threat to the Jewish lobby.

Eshel says:

"...In brief, I am asking you tonight to authorise Mossad politically and financially, to lay the groundwork for our nation most important overt action ever: Operation Hebron. The objective: to elect our agent -- a serving US senator -- as the next president of the United States of America."

The prime minister brings his four other colleagues to endorse this wild plan, to implant their American agent, an American senator who is not Jewish. Then Mr Eshel explains:

"The point to keep in mind, as we assess the lists together, is that if Operation Hebron succeeds, it will radically alter our ability to control American policy for a decade. During that time we will arrange mutual agreements and treaties which will last Israel another generation. No more Camp David's, no more Oslo negotiations, no more Wye agreements. We will do what we damn well please, not what the Goyim want..."

The work is full of echoes of real-life situations. The American president Douglas and Eshel the prime minister remind us of the confrontation between former president George Bush and prime minister Yitzhak Shamir over loan guarantees when Bush refused the loan guarantees for Israel illegal settlement construction.

There is also echoes of the Pollard affair, the Israeli theft of American military technology, the behaviour of the American Jewish communists in support of Israel.

The author, of course is not a fool. No one tried to take on Israel or the Jewish American community and got away with it. Even George Bush who did, lived to see his 90% popularity slide in the 1992 presidential elections. Thus, Jordan differentiates in his book between the bulk of American Jews who are loyal citizens and the minority of fanatic Zionists to whom Israel could do no wrong.

His choice of Brenda Straus the FBI agent as the heroine of this highly interesting novel is a conscious choice to avoid charges of being anti-American Jews. Brenda Straus, who is Jewish, is a very attractive and a super intelligent agent. She is fanatically loyal to America and in that she is like many young Americans who do not carry the Zionist baggage. In the end the beautiful Brenda foils the play of the Big Five and manages to unveil the perpetrators of the crimes committed by the Mossad in pursuit of their objective to control America.

But despite that, I suspect the author will not escape some charges of anti-Semitism from the conscious manipulators of the Holocaust.

Whatever reception Operation Hebron gets, I for one find is a truly fascinating work and a very enjoyable reading.

Abdel-Alim El-Abyad
Former press counsellor
at Egyptian embassy in Washington


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