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2 - 8 November 2000
Issue No. 506
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Summit trail

PERMANENT delegates to the Arab League held an emergency meeting in Cairo yesterday to discuss Israeli violence against the Palestinians. Palestinian Ambassador to the Arab League Mohamed Sobeih said Palestinians had asked for the meeting "because we expect serious incidents in the coming days and we want to inform Arab countries of the situation."

Sources at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said a follow-up meeting to the Arab summit would be held in Cairo on 4 November. The foreign ministers of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian Authority have been invited.

Arab environment ministers also began a two-day meeting on the effects of Israeli policies on the ecology in the Palestinian areas. The meeting was to discuss Israeli damage to the ecology and the effects of Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona.

Lusaka FTA

A FREE trade area (FTA) for the countries of COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) was launched on Tuesday at an extraordinary COMESA summit in the Zambian capital Lusaka.

Nine COMESA member states, including Egypt, have started applying the FTA rules. Next year 12 other countries will apply those rules. By the year 2002, the entire 27 members are expected to join in.

"This FTA is a very important move for African economies," commented Foreign Minister Amr Moussa who headed Egypt's delegation to the COMESA summit.

Egypt is the current chair of COMESA.

Boycott alert

EGYPT'S top commercial body warned yesterday that they will boycott Israel if violence continues in the Palestinian territories.

Khaled Abu Ismail, president of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, said the union decided that it will stop importing Israeli products, as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian uprising if the violence continues. A similar threat was issued by the shipping industry union in Alexandria.

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