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2 - 8 November 2000
Issue No. 506
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Things that go howl in the night

By Injy El-Kashef

Whether you're safely home, in the middle of the desert or in the heart of a throbbing city, all sorts of evils will take form in the dark, especially on a full moon; it's common knowledge and there is no exception to this rule. Not only that, but real evil only lurks where you least expect to find it, so that it may take you unawares and give you the most little terrifying experience it can manage.

This theory was again confirmed when myself and one of my best friends took the kids and drove peacefully to Full Moon. First of all, we were convinced it was called Blue Moon; second, we were equally sure that it was a cosy little place serving pancakes and other treats to a very restricted, pleasant and quiet clientele; third, it was a grey, windy and really weird day, the perfect day for a crepe suzette -- or an unpleasant experience.

Shock and horror: a long and extremely dim interior, filled with clouds of smoke, is home to a seriously suspicious crowd. The clients all seem to be college dropouts, lounging about way too comfortably for either comfort or safety. When we eventually took our seats, it occurred to me to run out for a few silver bullets since I was convinced it was only a matter of time before someone got up, howled and began his metamorphosis. I remained rational, however, occasionally glancing this way and that in apprehension of a big, frothing, furry creature. The waiter eventually showed up, bringing no relief -- only proof that the house is in on what's going on.

We ordered a Greek salad and spring rolls first with lemon juice and a non-alcoholic beer (you want to be sober when the monster attacks). The Greek salad was left untouched. Quite honestly, it was a mistake ordering it. The longer we stayed, the more we realised that any food we ate there should be baptised by fire, or at least a very powerful source of heat. The spring rolls were awful. They were terribly greasy and the filling consisted of no identifiable material. A pity, since the sauce, on the other hand, was very tasty. Next came a chicken fajita sandwich and a Moon Day sandwich (stir-fried shredded chicken with vegetables and onions). Surprisingly, they were not so bad. They were hot, reassuring, well flavoured (although the Moon Day was a little salty, even for me) and seemingly cooked with fresh ingredients. They were edible, but we won't go back for more, especially at the risk of such perils. We considered dessert, but before we could order a complimentary chocolate cake was sitting on the table. Hmm, even more suspicious: they're buying our silence. I for one won't ever talk of the people that live there, or of the plastic artichokes sticking out of plant tubs, or even of the spring rolls. Some things are better left unsaid.

The bill, however, came to LE39.

Full Moon, 100 Al-Merghani St.,
Tel.: 418 4816

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