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11 - 17 October 2001
Issue No.555
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Dynamics of disarray
Arab and Muslim states have not formulated a collective stance on the US-led air strikes against Afghanistan -- or their aftermath. Dina Ezzat reports

Mount Sharon erupts
Sharon blew his top with America's new activism in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is not clear that he had grounds to. Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem

Between the states and their people
While Arab leaders reacted cautiously to US strikes against Afghanistan, Arab citizens are clear about where their sympathies lie. Sherine Bahaa reviews the Arab response

Under control, for now
Pakistan's army is on high alert after President Pervez Musharraf threw his full weight behind the US-British attack against Afghanistan. Khaled Dawoud writes from Islamabad on an uncertain climate

War of the worlds
Despite efforts to pacify Muslim sentiments, the gulf between average Americans and the Arab street has been wrenched even wider, writes Mohamed Hakki from Washington

Means to an end
The US is juggling a gaggle of constraints in its attack on Afghanistan. Can it still come out on top? Galal Nassar looks at the kind of military campaign the US is facing

'At least, we are still alive'
On the outskirts of Pakistan's capital, more than 200,000 Afghan refugees live in miserable conditions, forgotten by the whole world. Khaled Dawoud visited Katchi Abadi camp in Islamabad

For and against
The leader of the Shiite community in Pakistan has lashed out at the Taliban but said he opposed the US military strike against Afghanistan. The man in the middle spoke to Al-Ahram Weekly



All the king's men
Both the West and the Afghan opposition to the Taliban regime are looking to the exiled Afghan King Zahir Shah for leadership, Samia Nkrumah writes from Rome

Front-line quandary
Will participation by Central Asian Islamic republics in the US offensive against Afghanistan help to crush Islamist opposition at home -- or revitalise them, asks Fatemah Farag

Striking hazardous chords
Bin Laden's defiance of a super power has struck a chord with some. Amira Howeidy reports

'Fast and first'
Qatar's Al-Jazeera emerges as part of the dynamics of a new age, as it scoops all the major Western news networks with its coverage of the war in Afghanistan. Shaden Shehab tunes in

Egypt backs US anti-terrorism action
Cairo has thrown its weight behind the US-led campaign against terrorism. Nevine Khalil and Soha Abdelaty report

A war against whom?
Egyptians reacted with concern, and sometimes anger, to the attack against Afghanistan. Rana Allam checks out the street

Non-violent anger
While condemning the US/British strikes against Afghanistan, Egyptian Islamists seem unlikely to respond to Bin Laden's call for jihad, reports Jailan Halawi

Collywobbles all round
Why London plays the jackal to the US lion knowingly antagonising friend and foe remains a mystery. Gamal Nkrumah writes

The war inside America
Is the tide of US policy slowly turning against Israel? Mohamed Hakki checks the wind

The politics of pacification
Clash of civilisations? Think again, writes Marwan Bishara

Addressing 'the nation', targeting America
Diaa Rashwan analyses the content of the video-taped statements released by Osama Bin Laden, Suleiman Abu Gheith and Ayman El-Zawahri

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