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8 - 14 November 2001
Issue No.559
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Politics of evasion
Israel's actions in the occupied territories confirm that Ariel Sharon believes the era of Yasser Arafat is over. The Palestinian leader has two ways to prove him wrong -- and neither is appealing. Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem

The tribal factor
While Northern Alliance forces claimed territorial gains, thousands of militants in Pakistan prepare to join the Taliban, writes Absar Alam from Islamabad

LIVING IN LIMBO: A refugee carries his sick daughter back to the Taliban-controlled Makaki camp, just inside the Afghan border


Ibrahim Nafie:
Fogging the issues
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
On Egyptian-American relations
Hani Shukrallah:
What is terrorism? 
John Whitbeck:
Peace must be imposed



Shifting fortunes
As the fortunes of the US war against terrorism decline, those of the "war party" in the administration seem to rise. Mohamed Hakki writes from Washington

Come hail, storm or Ramadan
The US military campaign against Afghanistan appears set to escalate in coming weeks, undeterred by winter or Ramadan, Thomas Gorguissian reports from Washington

Caught in a cruel crossfire
Pakistan's Christians, among the most impoverished and persecuted sections of the population, were the latest victims to the can of worms which the war against Afghanistan has opened across its borders. Iffat Malek writes from Islamabad

Tough test of loyalties
The British anti-war effort is gaining momentum even at the heart of the political establishment, writes Gamal Nkrumah from London

Carpet bombings
War by other means
Galal Nassar on the difficulties faced by war reporters covering the US operation in Afghanistan

My enemy's enemy
In the days before 11 September, the Northern Alliance was a frail coalition of tired-out warlords. But a shift in US perspective has refashioned these misremembered mujahedin as a formidable guerrilla force, writes Nyier Abdou

A silent genocide
Ignored by the media and dismissed by American and British politicians, millions of impoverished Afghans are being casually starved to death. Faiza Rady investigates

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Arafat, Mubarak, Peres and AznarSeeking security for all
Egypt is insisting that combating terrorism should go hand in hand with moves towards peace in the Middle East. Nevine Khalil looks at Cairo's latest diplomatic moves

MPs gear up for a fray
NDP elders are keen for parliamentary affairs to continue in the vein of sessions past. But fireworks are expected from the opposition. Why? The US war in Afghanistan, naturally. Gamal Essam El-Din reports

In search of the civil
'Civil society in the future' was the theme of a two day-conference held this week. It was unclear whose future was being debated, writes Mariz Tadros

Al-Kosheh dossier reopened
Tensions were high at the opening of the retrial of 96 men suspected of involvement in sectarian clashes in Al-Kosheh, reports Khaled Dawoud


Leaner ... but is it meaner?
The Egyptian currency has performed a somersault, and received some applause, but are we paying for the right show? Salah El-Amrusi rounds the usual suspects, and claims some are innocent

Gold rush
Egypt, it seems, has a lot of gold. But there is already controversy about how best to turn it into wealth. Jasper Thornton writes

Managing credit risk
William Mikhail discusses proposed amendments to the Basle Accord on credit risk and capital adequacy in the banking sector

Facing the music
The government is announcing economic measures to counter the effects of the global downturn. Gamal Essam El-Din reports


In the hot seat
Stripping outspoken Knesset member Azmi Bishara of parliamentary immunity clearly reflects Israel's idea of democracy when it comes to the Palestinian minority, writes Jonathan Cook

Globalising opposition
The newly-founded Arab Forum for Resisting Globalisation held its first conference in Beirut last weekend. The coming WTO meeting in Doha was a constant theme. Zeina Abu Rizk reports from Beirut

Pushed together
Osama Bin Laden has said the US-led war is "primarily between Christianity and Islam." But in the occupied territories, there is only the war by Israel against Palestinians -- Muslims and Christians alike. Graham Usher listens to two women talk in Beit Jala

Education as a tool of war
Israel's "Margaret Thatcher" is forcing more than 370,000 Palestinian students to learn Zionist values and salute the Israeli flag. Jonathan Cook writes from Nazareth

Ahdaf Soueif
Ahdaf Soueif:
Different readings
Profile by Pascale Ghazaleh
Pot Pourri
Looking for the mouse
By Fayza Hassan Restaurant review
You say tomato
Injy El-Kashef prepares to hibernate


'What you have to do'

Amina Elbendary hears the angels singing

CinemaClandestine initiations
The premiere of Miguel Littin's A Palestinian Chronicle was one of the highlights of the Fifth Ismailia Festival for Documentaries and Short Films. The celebrated Chilean filmmaker spoke to Mohamed El-Assyouti

>i< An all-inclusive guide to goings on around Cairo >i<
Books Supplement



History's trail
The Egyptian branch of "Museums without Frontiers" is to be launched soon. Nevine El-Aref and photographer Sherif Sonbol review what's on offer

Ramadan delights
The sweet and the savoury
As Ramadan approaches, Fayza Hassan revisits the elaborate gastronomic traditions of the Middle East



Sinai desrt dwellers
Golden kuffiyehs and mobile phones
On holiday in the Sinai, Jasper Thornton is invited to a Bedouin wedding and witnesses a cultural collision
A hole dug deep

Ahli painted themselves into a corner after a scoreless draw in the African Champions League semi-final. Abeer Anwar writes on the tall order ahead

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