Al-Ahram Weekly Online   14 - 20 August 2003
Issue No. 651
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The way ahead
The Middle East will change. But will it because of US prodding, or in spite of it? Asks Osama El-Ghazali Harb

Curricular and extra-curricular battles
Physician heal thy self. Joseph Massad comments on US/Israeli exhortations to the Arabs to overhaul their educational curricula

Reforming the Arab League
The Arab League, already beset by problems, is facing new, more immediate, challenges. Mohamed Sid-Ahmed comments

Dubious victory
Recent history has shown liberal democracy to be at a crossroads, Hassan Nafaa argues

Inalienable and sacred
Salman Abu Sitta refutes efforts and surveys that undermine the Palestinian right of return

The politics of denial
Both Israel and the US have their reasons for denying the Armenian genocide, writes Jamil Dakwar

Intentional hype?
The only accomplishment of the roadmap so far has been the release of detainees -- at best a dubious achievement. Azmi Bishara warns that the real issues might be forgotten

The nature of a magnet
M Shahid Alam ponders an American general's slip of the tongue

The hole in the wall
Israel's so-called Security Fence is a recipe for disaster, not security, argues Steve Niva

Oil, arms and the man
American foreign policy cannot simply be reduced to the war on terror, writes Galal Nassar

Cartoon by Gomaa

A time for reflection
Al-Ahram Weekly, perhaps the foremost Arab civic platform addressing and interacting with the non-Arab world, stands at a crossroads.

Close up
Constitutional reform
Constitutional reform can be seen as a way of bringing our country in to line with the ambitions and aspirations of a new generation and of helping our people see the future with new eyes and, as a consequence break free from mental habits that have tied us down for the past 50 years...
By Salama A Salama

Theatre of the absurd
The word "absurd" refers to anything that is inexplicable and illogical, that wastes your time, makes your blood boil, and in the process gets you nowhere...
By Magdi Mehanna

Egypt's role
I am often surprised by current debates about Egypt's role in the Arab region. It is said, for example, that Egypt will have no role unless it abides by certain conditions...
By Naguib Mahfouz

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