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Issue No. 679
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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875
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Make or break
The reform of collective Arab institutions is now too important to brook anything but absolute honesty, writes Ibrahim Nafie

Systemic corruption
So deeply entrenched is corruption that its eradication requires radical and not topical remedies, writes Osama El-Ghazali Harb

A better Middle East
America and its allies may have plans to redraft the political, social, cultural and economic composition of the Middle East, but true reform comes from within -- as it must, writes Hala Mustafa

Apartheid cannot stand
A favourable outcome for Palestinians from the hearings held this week in The Hague could presage the beginning of the end of Israel's apartheid policies in the occupied territories, writes Mustafa Barghouti

Dividing humanity
This week's hearings in The Hague on the legal consequences of the separation wall in the West Bank are critical not only to Palestinians but to the very standing of international law as a limit on US plans for global dominance, writes Curtis Doebbler

Kofi, are you ready?
The UN can do much to help Iraq. Hassan Nafaa

On the Greater Middle East
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed wonders whether widening the Middle East facilitates the control of its numerous conflicts or the opposite

Future backward
Reading Eretz Israel Times, dated February 2014, Jonathan Cook sends a warning back to the present

Sense of direction

Friends, Frasier, flotsam
By Hani Shukrallah

Close up
The Arab-American vote
By Salama A Salama

Pressing matters
By Salah Eissa

Crazy world
By Naguib Mahfouz

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Cartoon by Gomaa

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