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Lebanon between the squares
For three weeks Lebanon was represented by those who laid claim to Martyrs Square -- not any more, writes Graham Usher in Beirut
Damascus holds its ground
Troop withdrawal is one thing but complete withdrawal is another thing altogether, writes Sami Moubayed from Damascus
'Political crossing'
Behind yesterday's unanimous vote in favour of President Hosni Mubarak's proposed constitutional amendment there are some divisions, if not in the NDP, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Nour candidacy overshadows paper's first day
Detained Al-Ghad Party Chairman Ayman Nour's announcement about intending to run in the coming presidential elections wreaked havoc at the printing press. Mona El-Nahhas reports
US throws $1 million into the fray
Outgoing US Ambassador David Welch stunned political watchers by announcing a new $1 million US grant for NGOs aiming to monitor this year's presidential and parliamentary elections. Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Growing anger at arrests
With thousands said to be still detained without charges in the post-Taba crackdown, the situation in Sinai remains tense, reports Mustafa El-Menshawy
Strange bedfellows battle for the Bar
The government seems to be playing both ends against the middle as the Nasserist-Muslim Brotherhood contest over the Bar Association comes to a head this week. Mona El-Nahhas reports
Rejecting the US anti-Semitism act
Egyptian and Arab legal experts said the US's new global anti-Semitism monitoring law was biased, and illegitimate. Gihan Shahine attends the first conference on the issue
The 'other' Lebanon
The Lebanese opposition has some serious explaining to do, says Hizbullah chief. Omayma Abdel-Latif looks into the knotty relations between the resistance movement and the Lebanese opposition
Off to Algeria
The issues facing the Arab League summit in Algeria this month will remain unsettled until the key players define a common stance, reports Dina Ezzat
Cracks within Fatah
Pressured by the quiet growth of Hamas, the movement behind Abbas may soon be ripe to fall, writes Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank
Pre-first session standoffs
The squabbling over ministerial portfolios is a reflection of deeper rifts within Iraq, reports Mohamed Al-Anwar
Washington lets Italians down
Apparently, the Americans didn't wish Giuliana Sgrena well, writes Samia Nkrumah from Rome
Torture from the top
Two leading US rights groups sued Rumsfeld and three military officials for the spread of torture. Khaled Dawoud reports from Washington
Survival at stake
In the face of pay cuts and threats of further punitive action striking Esco workers are determined to secure their rights, reports Faiza Rady
Industrial action rising
The number of labour protests in Egypt has witnessed a drastic increase in recent months. Wael Gamal reports
A step backward?
Speaking to Egyptian novelists, Rania Khallaf gauges out the impression left behind by the Culture Council's Novel Conference last week
The UN describes International Women's Day celebrated on 8 March of every year as a commemoration of "the story of ordinary women as makers of history". Al-Ahram Weekly takes the occasion to reflect on the progress made in the battle to emancipate woman kind
What's the plan?
With only ten months to go before the 2006 African Nations Cup, Inas Mazhar wonders if preparations for one of the world's biggest sports events are going in the right direction

BEIRUT THANKS SYRIA: Approximately 1.5 million Lebanese protestors took part in the Hizbullah organised pro-Syrian demonstration Tuesday. (Photo: AFP)



In word and in deed
The Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon requires delicate handling, writes Ibrahim Nafie
Arabs and democrats
Syria, writes Azmi Bishara, is currently the victim of a version of identity politics that betrays history as much as it does identity
A volatile dawn
Events in Lebanon may yet confound both Washington and Tel Aviv, argues Hassan Nafaa
Thus spoke Bush
Is Bush getting serious about Palestine? Patrick Seale writes
The exception proves the rule
For decades Arab specificity was an excuse for inertia. Now Abdel-Moneim Said sees belated signs of change
The limits of pessimism
Those who are pushing for reform in the Middle East above all need us to believe that change is possible, writes Amr Hamzawy
Winds of change
by Salama A Salama

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