Al-Ahram Weekly Online   2 - 8 March 2006
Issue No. 784
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

Bird flu: are we doing enough?
While the West sits on its hands, and its antidote patents, civil society groups at home have only had anti-government rhetoric, not action, to offer, writes Ibrahim Nafie
In Focus: Much behind and much still to do
Fifteen years after the launching of Al-Ahram Weekly, Galal Nassar takes a lateral look at the regional scene, its challenges and promises
Seeing the bigger picture
While Danish caricatures of Islam were offensive and insensitive, we all can do more in moving towards tolerant and common understanding, writes Pernille Bramming
We must not give strength to extremists
The global village places us all in proximity. We must learn to cultivate tolerance, for co-existence is the only option, writes Uffe Ellemann-Jensen
Please smile while under the boot
The self-righteous arrogance with which the West feigns shock at Muslim reactions to humiliation reveals how deeply the colonial attitude runs in the Occident, writes Mulham Assir
What a shame
The cronyism of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank is ruining the institution and driving the best of its staff out, writes Mohamed Hakki
An exercise of will
Amin Howeidi seeks to bridge the gap between crises and competence
What the media doesn't want you to know
In an open letter to The Economist, Curtis Doebbler reveals the distance between fact and bias in Western reporting of the trial of Saddam Hussein

Sedition in Iraq

Close up:
The Iranian connection
By Salama A Salama

Media defeat
By Mahmoud Khalil

Dialogues of Naguib Mahfouz:
Fighting the flu
By Naguib Mahfouz

This week:
Ismail Haniya

Cartoon by Gomaa

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