Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 August 2006
Issue No. 808
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The dust settles
In the wake of the UN ceasefire, opinion polls and debates will show how deep and critical the political rifts are in Lebanon, reports Lucy Fielder from Beirut
A guarantee of victory
Talal Salman appeals for unity, lest Israel be given by default what it failed to achieve through arms
From the wreckage
Serene Assir watches as thousands of forcibly expelled Lebanese return home and aid agencies are finally given clearance to work
Sending in the troops
The Lebanese army is to finally head south. But what can it do when it gets there, Lucy Fielder asks
What now for Hizbullah?
Omayma Abdel-Latif examines the looming debate over disarming Hizbullah and how it might impact on the Lebanese political scene
Don't forget Gaza
On the back of Israel's military defeat in Lebanon, Palestinians fear that their blood will be used to bolster public confidence in Olmert's government, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
Revisiting Nasrallah
Amira Howeidy examines the content of El-Sayed Hassan Nasrallah's speeches during the war
Payback time
After a month of military failure, dark clouds are gathering over Israel's political leaders, writes Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
The arrogance of power
Noam Chomsky, in interview with Nermeen Al-Mufti, takes stock of the month-long US-Israeli onslaught on Lebanon and reflects on the fallout
Hysteria now, please
This week was convenient timing indeed to foil an alleged Islamist plot to blow up planes over the Atlantic, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Baghdad in the crosshairs
Al-Maliki is failing to reign in militias and US policy-makers are low on patience, writes Firas Al-Atraqchi
A diplomatic incident
Dina Ezzat reports on the fall-out between a prominent daily and the foreign minister
Solidarity and splits
Two weeks on and Gamal Mubarak's visit to Lebanon continues to provoke controversy, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Shattered dreams
The Egyptian students who skipped their cultural exchange programme in pursuit of the American dream were arrested in New York. Reem Leila investigates
Every night the stars
Maggie Morgan found this year's round of the Locarno Film Festival (2-12 August) as inclusive as it was welcoming
Must the show go on?
Nehad Selaiha finds plenty of sad irony and some sparks of hope in the Ninth Encounter of the Free Theatre Groups, this year dedicated to the victims of the Beni Sweif fire which took place on 5 September 2005
Sizzling skin
Burned? You don't have to go to the doctor for a remedy, writes Shadia El-Dardiry
Is this a test?
Restaurant review by Injy El-Kashef

Lebanese citizens carrying their belongings walk through the rubble at a road between the Lebanese and Syrian checkpoints, at the Masnaa crossing, in the eastern Bekaa Valley, eastern Lebanon, as they return home soon after the UN ceasefire went into effect...


Sacred tunes
By Michael Mumisa


Samuel Shimon
By Youssef Rakha


Lessons from Lebanon
Unequivocally, Israel and the US are the biggest losers from an ill-fated month of war in Lebanon, writes Ayman El-Amir
Rationality and Israeli violence
Israel's goals in Palestine and Lebanon are inherently irrational. They, argues Issa Khalaf , represent a distorted rationalisation of power and create the conditions for consequences that Israel cannot control
More than resistance
Hizbullah has emerged from the Lebanese conflict as the major moral force within the region, writes Amr Elchoubaki
Bush's latest fiasco
The "new Middle East" Bush is dreaming of is but indication of the failure of his entire regional policy, writes Amr Hamzawi
From war to politics
Having failed by force, the US and Israel will now attempt to pursue their aims by other means, writes Galal Nassar
The real terrorism plot
Falling into the same cycle of refusing to understand the motives of violent struggle simply maintains a status quo where innocents are at risk, writes Ramzy Baroud

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