Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 August 2006
Issue No. 808
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

What comes next?
Ibrahim Nafie examines Israeli responses to the end of its aggression on Lebanon
Rationality and Israeli violence
Israel's goals in Palestine and Lebanon are inherently irrational. They, argues Issa Khalaf , represent a distorted rationalisation of power and create the conditions for consequences that Israel cannot control
Lessons from Lebanon
Unequivocally, Israel and the US are the biggest losers from an ill-fated month of war in Lebanon, writes Ayman El-Amir
More than resistance
Hizbullah has emerged from the Lebanese conflict as the major moral force within the region, writes Amr Elchoubaki
The real terrorism plot
Falling into the same cycle of refusing to understand the motives of violent struggle simply maintains a status quo where innocents are at risk, writes Ramzy Baroud
In Focus: From war to politics
Having failed by force, the US and Israel will now attempt to pursue their aims by other means, writes Galal Nassar
Bush's latest fiasco
The "new Middle East" Bush is dreaming of is but indication of the failure of his entire regional policy, writes Amr Hamzawi
Know thy enemy
Hizbullah's moral and ground victory over Israel has instilled a spirit of renewal and justice in the Arab world, writes Curtis Doebbler

Significant influence

Avoiding a clash of civilisations
By Souheila Al-Jadda

Dialogues of Naguib Mahfouz:
Life after the Nobel
By Naguib Mahfouz

This week:
Ehud Olmert and Hassan Nasrallah

Cartoon by Gomaa

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