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Issue No. 851
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Quarterly Supplement (Spring 2007)

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Towards the inclusive city
True national development must give opportunity and dividends to all, writes Laila Iskandar
Unleashing the Potential of Urban Growth
The Population report 2007 looks into slum life and in the "new cities" of Egypt
Smoking away in City Stars
A mall that doesn't enforce its own rules will quickly sink into the doldrums, writes John Harris
Bewildered youth
Learning to be at home in a world of harsh realities is the key to maintaining balance, writes Hazem Zohny
About green
Though the desert mega-city of Cairo has little in the way of green spaces, what it has, if discovered, is a source of wonder, writes Samia Zeitoun
A silent jewel
The Coptic Museum has undergone a renaissance, underscoring the value of Egypt's unique Coptic heritage, writes Nadja Tomoum
A tale of three cities
Cairo is a city where three eras of history, and their urban formations, cohabitate, not always in harmony, writes Abou Zeid Rageh
Under siege
Informal urban growth highlights deficiencies in national governance, writes Ali Dessouki
Runaway Sales
The government needs to publicize its policy of sales of public land, writes Salah Hegab
Cairo's solutions lie outside
We must develop other urban centres if we are to relieve the pressure on Cairo, opines urban planning expert Abdallah Abdel Aziz Attia
Towards urban harmony
Good urban design can bring a sense of belonging and togetherness, writes Mahmoud Yousry
Witness to change
Nowhere is the challenge of urban protection more important that in the heart of Islamic Cairo, the ancient centre of the city, writes Nawal Mahmoud Hassan
Old and new matrices
There is a matrix for every organized place, even diversity has a matrix, writes Aly Raafat
The Pasha's street
Mohamed Ali Street is deserving of commemoration and restoration, pleads Soheir Hawas
Downtown today, yesterday and tomorrow
The culture of a capital flows from its architecture, which must be preserved, writes Sami Serageldin
A desert Taj Mahal
Unless historical palaces are turned to museums, average Egyptians will never gain access to them, writes Samir Raafat

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