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Issue No. 874
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Annapolis could mark the beginning of the end for Mahmoud Abbas, writes Saleh Al-Naami from Gaza
Empty heads and full pockets
The PA has come under increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of Annapolis, notes Khaled Amayreh
Green zone green light
US-supported Iraqi leaders are drafting a long-term US-Iraq pact that many see as opening the door to permanent occupation, writes Salah Hemeid
Harbingers of change
How long can the Nazif government survive? Gamal Essam El-Din seeks an answer
Jihad reconsidered
Jailan Halawi assesses the possible impact of Jihad founder Sayed Emam's revised ideology on the global movement
Not backing down
Property tax workers are increasingly optimistic that their strike will succeed, reports Serene Assir
Law foiled
Will President Mubarak's latest intervention contain the simmering conflict between judges and the minister of justice, asks Mona El-Nahhas
End of term exams threatened
University teachers issue the government with a two-week deadline to respond to their demands before escalating action, Mona El-Nahhas reports
The real goal of Annapolis
While the world watched the Arabs, Annapolis was for Israel and the US to prepare the ground for attacking Iran, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Glimmer of hope
Lebanon's government and opposition appear to agree that the army's chief should become president, but obstacles remain, Lucy Fielder reports from Beirut
Row brewing over subsidy reforms
The government's plans to reform the subsidy system is stirring controversy, Mona El-Fiqi investigates
Saving the nation
President Musharraf's latest moves were taken in the name of "political reconciliation" -- they have brought political polarisation, writes Graham Usher in Islamabad
Headwinds and tailwinds
The result of the Venezuelan referendum proves beyond doubt that the country is a vibrant democracy under Chavez, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Return of the repressed
Recent elections were either a triumph of the will or a confirmation that Russia has found itself, writes Eric Walberg
'Scum' or victims?
Last month's riots in the Paris suburbs have drawn renewed attention to the failings of the French social model, writes David Tresilian in Paris
Farce from behind
The American University in Cairo, a roaring parody of a farce and, once again, Nehad Selaiha
A tale of two cinemas
It was the week before the opening of the Cairo Film Festival and, at the British Council Garden, Nahed Nassr had a six-hour cinematic adventure

Young Palestinian relatives of Hamas militant Eyad Aziz grieve during his funeral. Yesterday dawn, two Palestinians were killed and four injured as Israeli tanks fired shells towards a group of Hamas militants on the outskirts of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. Since the meeting in Annapolis, 22 Palestinians had been killed during Israeli attacks on the occupied territories

Crimes of silence
By Serene Assir
Politics beats drama
By Hani Mustafa
My humble abode
By Mohamed El-Sayed


The plight of Iraqi refugees
The same UN that failed the Iraqi people must now make mandatory US-UK reparations to Iraq and the allocation of Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees, writes Denis Halliday
Castles in the air
Though Israel must be gleeful following the Annapolis debacle, theatrics won't change the nature or resolve of the ground struggle for Palestinian national liberation, writes Mustafa Al-Barghouti
Peace process on life support
Despite the preceding furore, Annapolis offered nothing to inspire hope, writes James Zogby
In Focus: Recognising what?
It's not that Israel's borders are porous. They don't exist at all, writes Galal Nassar
Salama A Salama:
Poisoned chalice

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