Al-Ahram Weekly Online   6 - 12 December 2007
Issue No. 874
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Jihad revisions
The recent renunciations of violence by famed militant Islamist leaders are being met by silence among the rank and file of jihadist groups, writes Ammar Ali Hassan
Castles in the air
Though Israel must be gleeful following the Annapolis debacle, theatrics won't change the nature or resolve of the ground struggle for Palestinian national liberation, writes Mustafa Al-Barghouti
Peace process on life support
Despite the preceding furore, Annapolis offered nothing to inspire hope, writes James Zogby
In Focus: Recognising what?
It's not that Israel's borders are porous. They don't exist at all, writes Galal Nassar
Underpinning principle
Imposing new realities won't make peace, writes Mursi Atallah
Would the real Abbas please stand up
If from the festivities of Annapolis Abbas brings home simply more of the same he will appear an incompetent, or worse, that has sold out his own people, writes Curtis Doebbler
The industry of social despotism
Rising religiosity, itself a reaction to tyranny, is giving rise to a straightjacketed and uniform political and social culture, writes Azmi Ashour
Ambiguous future
Without strident change from the inside, the Muslim Brotherhood is set to lose the gains it made in recent years, writes Khalil El-Anani
The plight of Iraqi refugees
The same UN that failed the Iraqi people must now make mandatory US-UK reparations to Iraq and the allocation of Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees, writes Denis Halliday
One or two: it is time to choose
Regardless of the failure of Annapolis, a historic opportunity faces the Palestinians and Arabs, writes John Whitbeck

Facts, and figures

Close up:
Poisoned chalice
By Salama A Salama

Fatwa mania
By Azza Heikal

This week:
Amr Shabana

Cartoon by Gomaa

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