Al-Ahram Weekly Online   3 - 9 January 2008
Issue No. 878
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

Juggling acts
Relations between Cairo and Washington are as ambiguous as ever, writes Mustafa El-Feki
Gainful associations
Amin Howeidi muses at how political and economic interests have always dictated the rise and fall of global alliances
Whose Lebanon is it?
It's high time for the Lebanese to start nurturing a collective possessiveness and a unified solidarity towards a single Lebanon, argues Ayman El-Amir
Knowledge as necessity
Transition to a knowledge society involves far more than upgrading education systems and research centres, writes Amr Hamzawy
What to look for in Iowa
After more than a year of non-stop campaigning the fate of America's 2008 presidential aspirants will be determined by 3 January caucus in Iowa and the 8 January New Hampshire primary, writes James Zogby

Time to say no

Close up:
New-look Sarkozy
By Salama A Salama

Environmental judgement day

This week:
Benazir Bhutto

Cartoon by Gomaa

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