Al-Ahram Weekly Online   7 - 13 February 2008
Issue No. 883
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

World of conflict
Is it coincidence that dictatorship is the common outcome of US failures in international relations, asks Ayman El-Amir
Manufacturing convenient realities
Mainstream media continues to shamelessly parrot official explanations of everything, writes Ramzy Baroud
Hizbullah should share its power
Hizbullah is holding the Lebanese state hostage, to the detriment of all, writes Hussain Abdul-Hussain
Beyond redundancy
Debate over the future political direction of the Arab world has too often been reduced to a set of absurdly simplistic premises, writes Amr Hamzawi
In Focus: What's next, Hamas?
Hamas needs to place its Islamist agenda on the backburner and concentrate instead on alleviating the suffering of Palestinians, argues Galal Nassar
No room for two states
The case for a single state solution for Palestine is irrefutable, writes Hassan Nafaa
Thinking for the nation
It is the sacred duty of a country's intellectuals to tell the bare truth, despite the risks, writes Samir Sobhi

Admitting defeat

Close up:
Border collision
By Salama A Salama

A little e-sense, please
By Mahmoud Khalil

Dialogues of Naguib Mahfouz:
The social role of capital
By Mohamed Salmawy

This week:
Nasser El-Ansari

Cartoon by Gomaa

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