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Days of fury
Ahead of the scheduled March Arab summit, political polarisation is dividing Arab states, Dina Ezzat reports
Third Intifada in sight
With political negotiations going nowhere, Hamas is preparing to unleash mass popular action to end the Gaza siege and reconfigure the strategic balance with Israel, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Gaza abandoned
Serene Assir reports on Egypt's role in the siege of Gaza
Municipal elections heat up
Confrontation between the ruling National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood has intensified, with the latter threatening to be a tough rival in the forthcoming municipal elections, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
What are they waiting for?
As efforts to resolve Lebanon's intractable political crisis stumble again, fears of a coming war are growing, Lucy Fielder warns
In defence of the Arab charter
Minister of Information Anas El-Fiqi speaks to Assem El-Kersh and Shaden Shehab about the recent Arab charter regulating satellite channels and the challenges facing the industry
A crisis returns
The Danish cartoons crisis has returned to the international headlines, raising questions about the possible motives of its instigators, writes Gihan Shahine
Strategic moves
A long-expected ruling in the trial of 40 members of the Muslim Brotherhood was postponed this week, raising questions about the state's strategy in its battle against the group, reports Jailan Halawi
Academic discontents
A decision by Egypt's university teachers to stage a work stoppage next month over pay has met with some unexpected opposition, reports Mona El-Nahhas
Don't spoil it
Egypt doesn't object to being subject to admonitions about the slow pace of political reform. But criticism is being done in the wrong way, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Wicked ways
What's with the recent crackdown on HIV-positive sufferers and homosexuals, asks Gamal Nkrumah
More is less
Gareth Jenkins looks at the fall-out from the Turkish incursion against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq
Laughable but real
The fate of one college professor who refuses to celebrate militarism epitomises the fanaticism at the heart of Israeli academia, writes Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
Horror and shame
The torturing to death of a Palestinian Islamist by Palestinian Authority intelligence sends out shockwaves of revulsion while the occupation continues to attack Palestinian society, writes Khaled Amayreh
The battle for Pakistan
One week after the elections the battle for a democratic Pakistan has barely begun, reports Graham Usher from Islamabad
A voice to be heard
Cuba's legendary president retires but vows to remain "a soldier in the battle of ideas", writes Faiza Rady
Salata Baladi or Afrangi?
Nadia Kamel's documentary on the Jews of Egypt, to be screened this week in Cairo, has won many international awards. Joseph Massad watched the film in New York and found the ingredients less baladi than assumed
Beginning and ending with politics
Since its release late last year, the Egyptian film Heen Maysara has won both praise and condemnation. But is the film really more political pamphlet than work of art, asks Hani Mustafa
Egypt through the lens
An exhibition of photographs entered for the Egyptian Press Photo Awards records the year through the eyes of professional news photographers, causing visitors to relive some strong emotions, writes Dena Rashed
Rigorous codes, heinous crimes
As rape and sexual harassment become staples of public debate, Serene Assir tunes in to street attitudes towards two disconcerting phenomena
Routine stuff
The 18th week of the Egyptian league needs a shot in the arm, reports Ahmed Morsy

FULL SPEED TO PRISON: Blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinians sit at the back of a truck on their way to the Israeli army post of Kerem Shalom

Salata Baladi or Afrangi?
By Joseph Massad
Birthplace of kings
By Nevine El-Aref


Runaway groom
By Inas Mazhar


Walking towards oblivion
Mahmoud Abbas is on a losing path, plain and simple, writes Ramzy Baroud
Commentary: Wisdom for the next president
If the next US president is to stem the damage of the Bush years, a just Middle East peace must top the agenda, writes James Zogby
Old jihad, new jihad
The retractions of the old guard of Islamist militants will likely not touch the new generation of youth drawn to jihad, writes Amr Elshoubaki
On Kosovo's independence
As Russia tries to regain prestige lost since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kosovo's declaration of independence marks a challenge, writes Galal Nassar

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