Al-Ahram Weekly Online   6 - 12 March 2008
Issue No. 887
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Different from the rest

Samir Sobhi and Mahmoud Murad mark the anniversary of Al-Ahram Weekly

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When Al-Ahram Weekly first appeared (top) the upheaval caused by the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was the big story. In the ensuing years, and under the guidance of its first chief editor Hosny Guindy, whose plaque adorns the newspaper's hallway in his memory, the Weekly has covered domestic, regional and international issues with a comprehensive, impartial and informative approach which is the envy of the media establishment in this country and outside its borders

The end of the 20th century was a turning point in Egypt's history. There was tremendous scientific and technological progress, but also distressing political conflicts. Globalisation took root after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Saddam Hussein committed a major error in invading Kuwait that cost the Arabs dearly.

In the midst of all this, it was crucial for Al-Ahram to launch an English-language publication -- advanced technically and professionally.

The institution, then headed by Ibrahim Nafie, decided to issue Al-Ahram Weekly.

The first issue came out on 28 February 1991. At one point after 9/11 its daily hits on the online edition reached 500,000.

Our next issue will be the 888th edition. We can celebrate not only becoming the leading English-language publication in the Arab world, but also a credible alternative to Western media.

Our focus is to convey the Arab and Egyptian perspective to the world in the most balanced and unbiased fashion possible, especially catering to our readers interested in delving into the Arab mind.

Now the work is done through digital smart screens, words and images, all edited and revised in a few hours before being sent to print.

Having received accolades from several prestigious institutions, including the Supreme Press Council, the credit must go to our noble newspaperman, the late Hosny Guindy, the Weekly' s founder and first editor-in-chief. Guindy led a team of dedicated workers and professional journalists. In spite of his failing health, he diligently pressed on to produce a quality paper.

The Weekly 's success lies in managing to fill a niche catering to a specific reader who needs access to information in the English language.

Being Al-Ahram's first foreign-language publication, the Weekly concentrates on issues of national policy and is a platform for the defence of Arab causes. Regional issues focus on the Middle East and Third World.

Opinion pages contain analysis pieces written by famed Arab and foreign writers.

The editing and advanced layout are a further attraction for readers.

The Weekly is not a translation of the articles issued in the deep-rooted Al-Ahram daily but has different themes, writers and layout editors especially in the way of expression.

The Weekly has chosen a number of distinguished writers in political analysis to write for it. During the last few years, the paper has produced a crop of young people of both sexes capable of maintaining the high standards the newspaper is known for.

Al-Ahram Weekly, thus, deserves to be called the school of the modern Egyptian press.

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