Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 April 2008
Issue No. 893
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Quarterly Supplement (Winter/Spring 2008)
Public Policy Journal produced by
the Association of Former International Civil Servants in Egypt (AFICS-Egypt)

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Editorial: The tip of the iceberg
By Seheir Kansouh-Habib
Equity matters
Can we pursue rapid free market economic growth while maintaining equity and social justice? Yes, answers Ayman Ismail
Modern farmers needed
There are role models for youth to follow says Samir Raafat
'A divided way of life'
New media and changing demands has put youth on the cultural and political map, though divided, writes Hadil Ghoneim
The artistry of youth
Working with one's hands and the mind's eye constitutes a space of freedom youth in particular appreciates, writes Ossama Alserwy
Road not travelled
Education reform in the Middle East and North Africa is sorely needed, but yet unrealised. It is not, however, beyond reach, writes Ahmed Galal
A passionate soul
"The boy in the rain", Mohammed Tantawi bids farewell to his mentor Dina Amin
Volunteering for development
Beyond looks at the UN Volunteers Programme and one example of positive change -- the FGM Project
The ultimate resource
An Arab renaissance lies on the horizon if the public is afforded freedom and leaders embrace the innovation of Arab youth, writes Nader Fergany
Digitally Yours
Kenanaonline is the the definitive resource for specialized information in Arabic and a prime hub for the online knowledge society in the Arab World. What's more is that it's written by you
Untapped treasure
While often assumed able to fend for themselves, young professionals are a national resource that should be nurtured and utilised, writes Ehaab Abdou
Dealing with addiction
Drug addiction is a chronic disease that ought to be approached with compassion and a system mapped for recovery, writes Soheir Loutfy
Those precious few we touch
Volunteer work is not about changing everything instantly; it is about the wonder of changing for the better the lives of a few among the unfortunate many, writes Dalia Ihab Younes
Lost in the slums
cial policy failure is deepening inequality, particularly among Egypt's youth, writes Sarah Sabry
Staying in Egypt
Amid all the problems, Egyptians have much to celebrate in themselves, and to be thankful for, writes Sara Abou Bakr
Subsidising or taxing
While commonly it is thought that the poor benefit from fuel subsidies, reality points to the contrary, writes Samer Atallah
A matter of choice
At the centre of life should be pursuing one's dreams, writes Laila Omar Hassan
'Decent Work is Good Business'
Ahead of the launch of Egypt's Youth Employment National Action Plan, 2008-2012, Beyond's Samia Farid Shihata speaks to the head of the International Labour Organisation in Cairo, Loretta De Luca, about the role of the organisation in solving Egypt's employment challenges.

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