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A warrior's rest
This week's prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hizbullah marks a new chapter in the Arab-Israeli conflict, writes Amira Howeidy
Spoiling for a fight
The Argentine sheriff has a showdown with the Sudanese strongman. The fireworks have begun, shudders Gamal Nkrumah
Courting time
Sarkozy is trying to heal the rift with Syria but has little to show as yet, Bassel Oudat writes from Damascus
No closer
As Fatah seeks to extend the presidency of Abbas by diktat, it is Abbas that is resisting by all means national reconciliation dialogue with Hamas, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Met with silence
Recent Israeli army aggressions against Palestinian charities, beauty salons and shops show unequivocally that Israel is morally lost, writes Khaled Amayreh in Nablus
Clean sweep
In spite of claims of fraud, the ruling National Democratic Party easily won by-elections in Alexandria and the Nile Delta. Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Race against time
Overseas Copts protest against the alleged persecution of their co-religionists back home. But are these outbursts detrimental to the wider interests of Egypt's Coptic community, wonders Gamal Nkrumah
Air waves
No bad news is good news. That's what a reported draft law regulating broadcast media might espouse. Mohamed El-Sayed writes on what's feared by critics to be a possible muzzle of the media
Go on green
Will chaotic traffic improve after the new traffic law? Reem Leila stands at the crossroads
Why the cave-in?
Bouteflika's sudden reversal -- with no explanation -- on the French-sponsored union has raised many hackles, reports Nasr El-Din Qasim
Two Shia nightmares
Why does Al-Maliki really want a timetable for US withdrawal from Iraq? Salah Hemeid tries to figure it out
Still illegal
Four years on, Palestinians still demand that the World Court's ruling on Israel's apartheid wall be implemented, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
Confusion -- what confusion?
The US continues to play games with Iran, while Europe continues to try to keep things calm, Rasha Saad reports
Shores apart -- still
Flamboyant attempts to re-launch cooperation around the Mediterranean might well yield results
The grain of the problem
Soaring grain prices are causing poorer populations to go hungrier, writes Sherine Nasr
Banking on outsiders
Selling public banks to foreigners is not the panacea for all the sector's woes, as Rehab Ahmed finds out
The big chill
There is a new cold war in South East Asia -- between the US and Pakistan, writes Graham Usher in Peshawar
Let them stay, eh
American soldiers who deserted the US army because of their opposition to the war in Iraq are fighting a legal battle to obtain political asylum in Canada, Tamam Ahmed Jama reports from Ottawa
The dogs of virtual war
Dutch politician Geert Wilders's film Fitna is an alarming new episode in the 'clash of civilisations,' this time fomented in cyberspace, writes Amira Nowaira
A Mediterranean house of mirrors
One trip to Alexandria, five friends: Jailan Halawi plays with perspective
Next, an Olympic medal
After claiming the gold medal in the World Juniors Championship in Cairo, Egypt's modern pentathlete Aya Medani shoots for Beijing, Inas Mazhar reports
Double the fun
The new football season starts with two crunch matches between powerhouse rivals Ahli and Zamalek, writes Ahmed Morsy
A way of life
Can our environment have a direct impact on our luck and the life opportunities that come our way? Amira El-Naqeeb examines the power of the healing art of Feng Shui

PROMISED VICTORY: Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah personally greets the the five liberated Lebanese prisoners Israel released in a swap deal Wednesday

In the shadow of the Mamluks
By Sherif Sonbol


Interfaith rapprochement
Before engaging Iran in dialogue, Arab governments and the Sunnis should review their placatory thinking on authority and resistance, writes Abdallah El-Ashaal
Arab order options in Iraq
The US and its Iraqi clients are to sign a long-term security agreement, rejected by the Iraqi people. The Arabs must take a position and act, writes Sameh Rashed
The Islamist conundrum
While state repression naturally leads to the hardening of Islamist groups, this hardening calls into question the extent to which these groups can serve the wider public good, writes Amr Hamzawy
Salama A Salama:
Divided we stand

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