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Issue No. 906
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Inalienable rights

Sir-- I read 'Chasing a mirage?' (10-16 July) and found it disturbing and disgraceful that Egyptian authorities use third class agreements with the occupier of Arab lands to prevent Palestinians from crossing the Rafah border.

As far as I know, the Palestinians' right to leave Gaza and cross its borders is a right far superior to those agreements.

As far as I know Gaza and the border between it and Egypt is Arab land and the occupier has no say in it. Rather the contrary, allowing the occupier to "negotiate" exclusively Arab issues, Egypt and the international community are rendering a very poor service to international law, justice and human rights.

With this "help", Palestinians will never get what is theirs.

Agustin Velloso

Effects of spin

Sir-- 'Brief Victory?' (3-9 July) was very articulate, however, the author missed one essential aspect of the decision by the US Supreme Court rebuking the Bush administration for its treatment of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility in Cuba, and the publicity attached to it. I noticed that the decision was tactical and most probably induced by the Bush administration, aiming to keep the media busy rather than talk about the failing economy, foreign policy, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Second, the writer did not mention that many Arab countries do America's dirty work, and should also be reminded that only two of the current nine judges are appointed by Republican presidents. They are there until they die, resign or are impeached.

Mostafa Shaaban
West Virginia

Planning ahead

Sir-- In reply to 'Home for lunch' (10-16 July), I am myself one of the young Eritreans who fled the dictatorial regime. Telling readers that the regime in Asmara is kind enough to let returnees live in peace is an insult to injury. I advise you to look into the cause to cure the disease otherwise I am sorry to tell you that some of them have already planned how they can flee for the second time.

Khaled Abdu

Battlefield life

Sir-- The incendiary comment of your reader from Burnaby, Canada ('Heart of Darkness' 5-11 June) reads like an open invitation for a pogrom against Jews. Using such phrases as "pernicious influence of pro-Zionists" and "torches, pitchforks and nooses being prepared," this gentleman speaks of constantly living in wars since 1940. I served three years in the American Air Force during World War II and did my small bit in defeating a Nazi regime dedicated to hate and Holocaust.

In 1948, remnant Jews, endorsed by the United Nations, created a homeland in Mandated Palestine as their only safe haven on earth against future Holocausts. Should this tiny strip of land be denied them by their Christian and Muslim brothers? Shouldn't practising brotherhood and reaching peaceful solutions take urgent priority over perpetuating racial and national hatred?

John Guilford
New York

Far from innocent

Sir-- In response to 'Request to Iranians' (26 June-2 July) Mr Robert Eames pictures the US and Israel as mere bystanders with nothing to do but call for peace. If this is the case, how can he justify the horrible carnage being perpetrated by these countries in Iraq, Palestine and any other Arab country invaded under the slogan "spreading peace?"

I would request Mr Eames to do exactly what he asked Iranians to do: call on European citizenry to force their leadership to comply with majority resolutions and stop these war crimes.

I call on him to take a look at the shocking reality the Arab countries are living, a nightmare which becomes true every day.

The Iranian leadership is being spurred by motives of defence in case the Iraqi scenario is repeated while the European leadership has motives of occupation and confiscation of petroleum resources.

Magda El-Noubi

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