Al-Ahram Weekly Online   6 - 12 November 2008
Issue No. 921
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

NDP on the offensive
The ruling NDP ended its fifth conference by outlining its political and economic agenda, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
All eyes on Gamal
Gamal Mubarak takes off his gloves with a smile. Dina Ezzat watches
Redrawing personal status
Women's rights are an indispensable component of development, says the National Democratic Party, Reem Leila reports
Pre-dialogue doubts
Hamas is insistent that it must be treated as an equal partner in Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Neither hell nor heaven
Egyptian-Israeli relations will endure a recent Israeli affront, Dina Ezzat reports
After the delay
The results of January's Judges Club elections will be interpreted as a vote on the pros and cons of judicial reform, writes Mona El-Nahhas
One nation
Injy El-Kashef cheers as two tribal elders give a lesson in empathy
Crime and punishment
The death of an 11-year-old pupil after being beaten by his teacher has thrown a light on the murky world of discipline in state schools, reports Reem Leila
Public backlash
The harsh sentencing of two Egyptian doctors for allegedly being the cause of a Saudi princess's addiction to painkillers has caused an outcry, reports Reem Leila

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