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Issue No. 921
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The perfect storm
Barack Obama has not only made history by winning the US presidential elections, he has already improved America's image across the globe
Dream come true
The euphoria following Obama's victory knows neither race nor nationality, affirms Gamal Nkrumah
NDP on the offensive
The ruling NDP ended its fifth conference by outlining its political and economic agenda, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
All eyes on Gamal
Gamal Mubarak takes off his gloves with a smile. Dina Ezzat watches
Redrawing personal status
Women's rights are an indispensable component of development, says the National Democratic Party, Reem Leila reports
Pre-dialogue doubts
Hamas is insistent that it must be treated as an equal partner in Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation talks, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Neither hell nor heaven
Egyptian-Israeli relations will endure a recent Israeli affront, Dina Ezzat reports
In league with the enemy!
The Arab League will be at Union for the Mediterranean meetings. But is this confronting Israel or part of a process of normalisation, asks Dina Ezzat
Where there's a will
The Israelis can be defied. But it requires courage, especially from Arab countries, asserts Saleh Al-Naami
Another Lebanon?
Algeria's president seeks to extend his term in power beyond that allowed in the constitution, raising eyebrows, writes Nosreddine Qassem
Knowing one's friends
In the wake of the US strike on Syria, relations worsen between Damascus and the US-supported government in Iraq, writes Bassel Oudat
Tehran's Oval Office
For Iran, the competition between two lobbies behind the US president will most decide its coming fortunes, writes Mustafa El-Labbad
Complex persecution
Despite political intrigues against Christians, the enduring peace between Muslims and Christians is hard to snuff out, observes Nermeen Al-Mufti
Gateway to America
A wider use of the Generalised System of Preferences may well work miracles to boost Egypt's exports to the US, Niveen Wahish hears some expert advice
Nkunda is nigh
A Congolese humanitarian catastrophe is in the making and the central figure in this tragic drama stands poised to storm the capital, warns Gamal Nkrumah
Talking to the Taliban
After seven years of war in Afghanistan the unthinkable is being thought, writes Graham Usher in Islamabad
Change for Cuba?
Though the UN condemned for the 17th consecutive year the US blockade of Cuba, the new American president may not change track, writes Faiza Rady
Ending oil volatility
Wildly fluctuating oil prices have sent shocks through the global economy in recent years. A formula exists to curb the worst of these tremors, writes Hussein Abdallah
Rereading history
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina makes reading history a pleasure, writes Dina Ezzat
The brush and the pen
Rania Khallaf enjoys a chat and a bowl of soup with Georges Bahgory
Pages from a checkered past
Winds of cultural change are clearing away cobwebs. Eric Walberg reviews a Czech film and observes how Czechs are re-evaluating the 1940-50s
Spinning Coton
Two early goals helped Ahli edge closer to a record sixth African Champions league title, Ahmed Morsy reports

Reactions of supporters to the historic election of Barack Obama, including civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and a US soldier in Iraq

Ending oil volatility
By Hussein Abdallah



Pirates of Bab Al-Mandab
It may sound fantastical, but pirates in the Red Sea are no joke and threaten Egyptian national interests, writes Amin Howeidi
Change this
While he did everything to pander to Israel, Obama will face the same problems US policy has always faced as a result of Israeli intransigence, writes Ayman El-Amir
Arab roadmap left
Liberal and leftist forces in the Arab world are the best placed to forge a new social contract for the Arab people, writes Amr Hamzawy
Poverty eradication in Egypt
The goal of poverty reduction should be a stable, loyal and productive society, writes Sayed Attia
Return of the Baghdad Pact
Bush wants to give Iraq one last gift: subservience to an agreement that perpetuates the US occupation and absolves invading and occupying US forces of their crimes, writes Galal Nassar
Differing directions
Despite being pro-Israeli, Obama will face an Israel radicalised to the right while the US he promises, and that the world awaits, is of the centre, writes Hassan Nafaa
Contesting the subtext
Bigotry has made Arab and Muslim a pejorative in the US presidential elections, writes Muqtedar Khan
Salama A Salama:
President Obama!

Barack Obama and John McCain
by Bahgory

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