Al-Ahram Weekly Online   3 - 9 December 2008
Issue No. 925
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Thank Gates

Sir-- I see Rice/Bush are pushing hard on Ukraine/ Georgia's efforts to get into NATO. This is Gates's work. So much for détente with Russia. Stupid, especially for the empire.

James Holden

Should be wether

Sir-- A correction to 'Obama's odious entourage' (Al-Ahram Weekly 27 November-3 December). You refer to Rahm Senior's racist comment and his son's apology as "a bell-weather" for anti-Arab policies. The expression is "bellwether", referring to a wether, an alpha sheep, so to speak, a leader of the flock, wearing a bell so that the shepherd needn't keep too close an eye on the flock. In other words, a "bellwether". I appreciated your essay on the horrible crew, and I hope that it leads to some improvement, but I'm not holding my breath. That doesn't mean that I think that McCain would have been preferable.

Jordan Mason

Not just a mechanic

Sir-- Re 'Rahm-bo and other monsters' (Al-Ahram Weekly 20-26 November) I suspect that Emanuel was doing more in the desert during the first Gulf War than learning how to repair autos. When he was done with that, he returned to become a power in national politics and fund-raiser for Clinton virtually overnight.

It cannot be proven but I bet he was trained to become a Mossad operative and given the resources and connections to carry out his mission. Can you imagine what this means with him in the White House as chief of staff? Every word and deed of the president will be monitored and made available when necessary to the proper authorities in Israel. It is almost beyond belief.

John White

What Russia needed

Sir-- The war in Georgia was truly God-sent for Russia, as it resulted in a level of anti-imperial resolve which Russia has never had in the past, not even at the time of Napoleon's invasion, during which most of the Russian elites were still Freemasons and generally pro-French. During WW II the rage against the Nazis was comparable to the anti-US rage felt today, but Russia was not Russia, but the Soviet Union. The brazen, arrogant and murderous attack on South Ossetia really infuriated the Russians to a degree never felt before. Did you notice that when Medvedev was asked by a reporter what he would have done if Georgia was part of NATO, he answered that he would have done exactly the same thing? This is not posturing; this is the absolute truth. In Georgia, it is the empire which backed down and that is, in itself, an amazing statement about how enraged Russia was.

Janet Pears

What did Syria expect?

Sir -- I don't know why you people are complaining ('Commentary: Bush's last bullet' 6-12 November). Did you really expect Israel to allow Syria to build a nuclear installation to be on par as that of the Jewish state? Did you really expect it to do nothing while facing a nuclear device in its backyard? Those people who brought about their own death were not civilians, but military, versed in the setting up of a small nuclear facility.

The problem is that human beings, although they all say they want peace, nobody wants peace. Is Israel perfect? Has it achieved perfection? No, absolutely not. But it at least tries to do what is right. And all of the others; are they perfect? Syria, Lebanon, Iran. Show me their last attempt to live in peace. They don't even try.

Michael Feilin
New York

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