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Raining death
Saleh Al-Naami reports from Gaza on the carnage wreaked by five days of Israel's bloody aerial assault
Palestine's Guernica
Mustafa Barghouti cuts down the myths Israel spins in the media to justify its most recent campaign of slaughter
Criminals vs cowards
The current uproar in Arab streets might not be of any direct help to Gazans but it draws battle lines between the masses and their regimes, notes Sherine Bahaa
Challenges to meet
Is Egyptian diplomacy living up to old and new regional challenges? At times, but not always, writes Dina Ezzat
Looking at the upside
Despite bleak predictions for the global economy, Heba Handoussa sees Egypt as being uniquely situated to exploit the downturn
Home first
Mustafa El-Feki tells Assem El-Kersh that Egypt should temporarily reduce its regional emphasis and focus instead on a domestic-oriented agenda
What lies ahead?
Abdel-Moneim Said indulges in some crystal ball gazing
Surviving difficulties
A tough year for both the NDP and the government of Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif. But it is unlikely to be terminal, predicts Gamal Essam El-Din
Pointless parties
Egypt's opposition parties and professional syndicates sank further into irrelevance, reports Mona El-Nahhas
Seasons of protest
2008: When demonstrations and strikes became the norm
The year the bubble burst
Al-Ahram Weekly sums up a year of extremes in Egyptian economy and sounds out expert opinions on ways forward
Another awful year
In 2008, the charade of US-backed Palestinian-Israeli peace talks was only surpassed in bitterness by the horror inflicted on Gaza by Israel and its backers, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem
Egypt's bitter Palestinian harvest
On the Palestinian scene, 2008 was nothing short of catastrophic, Egypt often caught in the middle, writes Samir Ghattas
Arabs on the threshold
Obama needs help and the Arabs can make gains if only they can get their act together, writes Hassan Nafaa
Escaping the worst
Iran may have dodged Bush's sabre-rattling, but it is not entirely out of the woods yet, writes Mustafa El-Labbad
Obamamania or Obamaphobia?
Egypt-US relations should be given a boost by the entrance of Obama to the Oval Office, writes Nabil Fahmi
Ignitable divisions
The world watched stunned as the commercial capital of India received yet another blow in 2008. But is 2009 a time for forgiving, wonders Gamal Nkrumah
Dead end
The disastrous Bush years have left a legacy of war and financial collapse. They have also brought North America to a political impasse, bemoans Eric Walberg

A Palestinian victim of Israel's air raids on Gaza's Bureij refugee camp is carried to his final resting place...

2009: Meet a testing year
By Assem El-Kersh
Year of the shoe
By Galal Nassar
Endorsement of violence
By Dena Rashed



Changing mechanisms
By Hani Mustafa


Back to forward
By Nehad Selaiha


First female mayor
By Amany Abdel-Moneim


A new era dawns
By Inas Mazhar

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