Al-Ahram Weekly Online   8 - 14 January 2009
Issue No. 929
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Terrorists and others

Sir-- I found 'No time to hide' ( Al-Ahram Weekly 3-9 December) not helpful whatsoever. Many of the so-called moderate Arab/Muslim leaders who have denounced terrorism by Muslims have been all along helping to stoke it.

Muslims will never be able to effectively deal with their extremists when inside and outside forces aligned with each other are busy creating and fuelling fires between countries and people in the region.

The so-called war on terrorism against the Muslim world has been effectively helping to confuse the terrorists with the true resistance to occupation fighters.

The equation is fairly simple: Muslims should unite to focus on ending the occupation and the war on terror, and then they can effectively expose the real terrorists within the Muslim world who will continue to use terrorism after the excuses they give for using it have been taken away.

Marion Mourtada

Forever last

Sir-- Even the EU met before the Arab League did. This says a lot about Arab concern towards their dying brethren.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Ground finale

Sir-- So this is Part Two in Gaza. It was not enough to rain death and destruction from the skies. Now Israel wants to finish off the job -- and Gazans -- while having a bird's eye view of the proceedings.

Nawal Malik

Coming soon

Sir-- Nobody should be surprised, least of all Israel, should a third Intifada erupt.

Michael Tooms

Hamas in Oval Office

Sir-- You complain about bias, yet we all know Al-Ahram would be cheering Obama if he had appointed a member of Hamas to the White House staff instead of Mr Rahm.

Jack Laman

Satisfying shoes

Sir-- The shoes, the shoes, the shoes. The top story of the year just passed. Despite the daily bombs and bullets, a pair of size 10 satisfied, at least temporarily, the people of Iraq and the entire Arab world. It is testimony as to how little Arabs need in order to be contented.

Youssef Kamel

Top gun

Sir-- I laughed out loud when I saw a pair of large men's dress shoes being hurled at President Bush. Good, I said, he deserved it. God has not forgotten the Iraqi people.

Rebecca Brock
New York

Cover the church

Sir-- Why was there no coverage of the protest against the newly constructed Saint Mary's Church in Ain Shams? This event sets a new precedent of religiously motivated violence that was once limited to rural areas, but has recently moved to a metropolis like Alexandria and now Cairo. Do the people of Al-Ahram have an opinion on the greater incidence of intolerance in Egypt?

Ahmed Mohamed

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