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Issue No. 938
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

Not just Al-Bashir

Sir-- I have been very impressed with your defence of Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir ('Trial by ordeal' Al-Ahram Weekly 5-11 March) because other leaders have done worse things. Bush almost ruined the world and Israel has committed many crimes against Gaza and Palestine. Does the West want Sudan's oil and minerals?

There is too much hatred against Arabs and Islam.

Valerie Ahmed

Balance, please

Sir-- I was disappointed with the tone of the newspaper ('On a low simmer' Al-Ahram Weekly 5-11 March). I expect some balance, or at least some acknowledgment of the indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel. If we are to expect a lasting peace we need to hear and see some balanced valid points of view.

Bob Lara


Sir-- It's ironic that "Free speech and fatwas" ( Al-Ahram Weekly 26 February-4 March) in which the author complains that "Understanding and tolerance... can hardly be achieved when one side continues abusing the other" was published in the same issue as 'Roots of hatred in Zionist ideology'. Why aren't articles titled 'Roots of hatred in political Islamic ideology' or 'Roots of hatred in Arab nationalism ideology' being published by your paper? I hear the Protocols of Zion are not considered offensive in the Arab and Islamic world and are sold openly anywhere.

Jack Straw

Gaza not in play

Sir-- 'Piecing the jigsaw' ( Al-Ahram Weekly 26 February-4 March) turned out to be a tepid article, pointing to "beliefs" and "observers" and arguing about an unidentified (and unidentifiable) "world view" as this or that failure.

That the writer can even consider including El-Anani's "belief" that the bombing in the Al-Hussein was mysteriously provoked by an "Israeli onslaught" in Gaza is a bit like reporting that the Chinese cultural genocide in Tibet is because many Buddhists "believe" that the Tibetans have poor karma.

The bombing was a result of posturing by radical Islamic groups within Egypt to destabilise the Mubarak government. Look what they did to Sadat.

But to blame Israel for a bomb attack in the Al-Hussein district is not only over-imaginative; it is also sloppy reporting pandering to a base element of fear of other.

And, of course, it does nothing about the real issue which is that the bringing about of a Palestinian homeland is one the Arab world itself should take a vastly more constructive role in.

After all, after 60 years of murmuring platitudes, none of the surrounding Arab countries has done anything of value for the Palestinians. It appears that the Arab world does not walk the talk.

If Al-Ahram Weekly sees itself as a leading English language commentator in the Arab world, its writers need to produce articles which have less fevered writing, and more constructive substance about the infinitely more complex issues of how a modern day Palestine might indeed look.

Alan Munir

Where's the food?

Sir-- The restaurant review ('Lakeside repast' 26 February- 4 March) did not address any food that was eaten except to mention its basic nature. Basic what? Foul, duck, fish, desserts? We know the restaurant is good value for money, in fact downright cheap, but what did the writer get for his LE150? We got loads of facts about Fayoum and its history and terrain but what about the food?

Jill Hassan


Deserved recognition

Sir-- In 'Going Greek in Alexandria' ( Al-Ahram Weekly 25- 31 December) seven of the photographs used to illustrate the article belong to Michael Haag.

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