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Selective disagreements
The Arab summit in Qatar promises to be controversial, Dina Ezzat reports
'Blame Israel'
The 30th anniversary of the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement follows hot on the heels of Israel's bloody war on Gaza, just beyond Egypt's northeastern border. Could Cairo have done more to stop the war if it hadn't signed a peace agreement with Israel? Former foreign minister Ahmed Maher tells Amira Howeidy there's no room for regret
Arms mandate renewed
Parliament extends President Mubarak's authority to conclude military purchases in secret despite objections from opposition MPs, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Not drowning but waving
Fifty years after UNESCO completed its Nubia campaign, one monument is still in need of rescuing from the water, says Nevine El-Aref
Commentary: Half a dozen charges
Those who criticise the Egypt-Israel peace treaty fail to see its nuanced importance or produce credible counter-arguments against it, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Sudan's quiet kingmakers
Is it Kiir, Rice or Ocampo who will call the shot on Sudan's beleaguered president, asks Gamal Nkrumah
No option left
Palestinian factions know that when national dialogue sessions reconvene, they have no choice but to reach an agreement, reports Saleh Al-Naami
Netanyahu's fig leaf
Even more than Lieberman, we should worry about Barak, warns Khaled Amayreh from occupied Jerusalem
Spot the difference
When it comes to Israel's leaders there isn't one, writes Ramzy Baroud
Let the games begin
Lebanon is going to the polls in three months' time. The election circus, however, is already in full swing, writes Omayma Abdel-Latif from Beirut
Still a long way to go
Efforts to reintegrate the cadre of the former ruling Baath Party in Iraq split opinion while security gains made remain fragile, Dina Ezzat reports from Baghdad
Not at our expense
Arabs are worried Obama's outreach to Iran may bolster its influence in Iraq, writes Salah Hemeid
Syria's missed chances
A year has elapsed since Syria presided over the Arab summit. What was achieved, Bassel Oudat asks from Damascus
Forget unemployment
With the right policies in place, unemployment could be a thing of the past, Niveen Wahish looks at the findings of a World Bank report
Liberalisation at a price tag
Debate over prospects to privatise the gas and oil sector in Egypt has begun, Sherine Nasr reports
Ready for Armageddon
At last week's Euromoney conference, Egypt presented its case as a safe and lucrative haven for investment even during a bizarre global crisis, Assem El-Kersh reports from London
The war on prices
MPs lashed out at the government for failing to put a latch on prices, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Misgivings about Obama
The US president is about to reveal a new policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Few Pakistanis have high hopes, notes Graham Usher in Islamabad
Gates of heaven
Ancient Egyptian concepts of this world and the next are the focus of this spring's major exhibition at the Louvre in Paris, writes David Tresilian
Old timber to new fires
Nehad Selaiha encounters a bald Berenice in Cairo and a modern Medea in Alexandria
Speaking in tongues
Sayed Mahmoud reports from the Abu Dhabi Book Fair
The runaway cat
Rania Khallaf wonders where the cat has gone
Each to their own
Nubia's curious geographical location as a corridor between Africa south of the Sahara, Egypt and the Arab world coupled with a somewhat schizophrenic outlook -- simultaneously espousing historical isolation and integration with its neighbours -- created a unique culture that Nubians appear eager for outsiders to comprehend, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Mothers and memory cards
Many children today have decided their mothers should join the digital age. Nader Habib remembers how Mother's Day has changed
Go Egypt go
Egypt start their 2010 World Cup campaign by taking on Zambia. Inas Mazhar reports on Egypt's chances
Better late than never
An over-40 Egyptian has won three gold medals in the African Athletics Masters Championship, reports Ghada Abdel-Kader

Mubarak receiveing Al-Bashir in Cairo yesterday...

No room for pessimism
By Reem Leila


Devouring Jerusalem
By Khaled Amayreh


Plain persecution
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali
Consider the bees...
By Nesmahar Sayed


Moment of truth
While the time for decision confronts the Palestinian national cause, sooner or later it is Barack Obama that will have to put his cards on the table, writes Nicola Nasser
Impediments to positive change
Demagoguery and totalitarianism are what forestall, in the Arab world, the spread of a culture of democracy and human rights, writes Amr Hamzawy
Rewarding hardliners
Dialogue sounds like a good idea. But is it, asks Khalil El-Anani
In Focus: Good on the outside, but...
Egypt's regional and international standing is sound, but not matched by domestic achievements, writes Galal Nassar
Doha tall order
The upcoming Arab summit, the first after Obama, is perhaps the last chance for the Arabs to put their house in order before the ground shifts from underneath their feet, writes Ayman El-Amir
From the victims' standpoint
With the collapse of confidence in global capitalism the wealthy finally get to see what the poor have known for centuries, writes Shahid Alam
Salama A Salama:
Not a bluff

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