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Collision course
The coalition patched together by Netanyahu satisfies no one, writes Emad Gad
Agreeing to disagree
The Doha Arab and Arab-South America summits allow for shows of solidarity, but little more, Dina Ezzat reports
When push comes to shove
Relations between Egypt and Qatar could get worse before they get better, Dina Ezzat reports from Doha
A sense of optimism
Following his return from the US Gamal Mubarak embarked on a well publicised trip to some of Egypt's poorest villages, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Flying in the face of challenge
According to a World Health Organisation report, Egypt is on the front line in the battle against avian flu. Reem Leila examines the threat
Electing guidance
Khalil El-Anani examines the ramifications of the Muslim Brotherhood leader's decision not to remain in his post
Lip service only
Beyond announcements of moral support, Sudan's president got very little out of the Arab summit, Dina Ezzat reports from Doha
Linking files
Saleh Al-Naami sees the fruit of dialogue between Palestinian factions
In for the long haul
The outlook from the Palestinians' point of view is dismal, but they refuse to give up, confirms Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah
Israeli soldiers confess
Revelations are emerging of war crimes committed in Gaza by Israel that makes obligatory an international investigation, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Rotting in denial
Israel's reputation destroyed, its character exposed; but for Israel's leaders, any and all atrocities it commits are to be forgiven, reports Khaled Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem
Impunity's third term
Algeria's upcoming presidential elections are set to produce no surprises as Bouteflika maintains his grip on power, writes Amira Howeidy
Recognising the obvious
The long-expected appointment of a Syrian ambassador to Lebanon marks the beginning of a new era, or does it? Bassel Oudat asks in Damascus
Facing the fragility
The world titters over Somali pirates, but doesn't give a toss about Israeli air strikes against Sudan, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Time to deliver
The tax season is in full gear as facilities are provided to guarantee more yields, Sherine Nasr reports
Collateral damage
Falling interest rates are leaving small depositors with their backs against the wall, Niveen Wahish reports
The reluctant partner
Barack Obama says Pakistan is the centrepiece of America's new policy in Afghanistan. It's a bouquet filled with thorns, writes Graham Usher in Lahore
Slumdogs' summit
BRICs' ambitions, far from being dimmed, have never been abandoned and never more so than at London's G20 summit, writes Gamal Nkrumah
The artists' anxiety at the penalty kick
Hani Mustafa reviews Kamla Abu Zikri's new film, One Zero, while Nesmahar Sayed quizzes out its young writer
The fringe in bloom
Nehad Selaiha rushes about town in pursuit of the new
Lighting lines
Rania Khallaf interviews Steve Bell, satirical caricaturist of The Guardian, during his visit to Cairo to open a cartoon exhibition
The artist as a rebel
Painter Samy El-Balshy speaks to Nader Habib about his work and recent exhibition
Variations on an enigma
Recent discoveries at the Valley of the Kings on Luxor's west bank have changed the understanding of one of the most intriguing archaeological sites in Egypt, says Nevine El-Aref
Whither the big red bus
Egypt is not the only nation whose heritage is under threat, as Jenny Jobbins discovers
Lucky Luxor
The draw for the U-20 FIFA World Cup will take place on Sunday at the Luxor Temple in Egypt. Inas Mazhar will be there
Stuttering start
Egypt failed to live up to their status as continental heavyweights, tying Zambia at home in the final round of qualifying for South Africa 2010, Ahmed Morsy reports

Palestinians proudly hold kites displaying the national colours -- black, red, white and green -- celebrating Land Day and their dream of statehood, not realised on the ground, is hoist high...

Darwin's big year
By David Tresilian
Freedom to learn
By Yohanna Qalta


Gamal El-Banna
By Sahar El-Bahr


Old school editors
By Samir Sobhi


Happy New Year, Iran
Is Obama's friendly overture to Iran but PR ahead of military action, asks John Whitbeck
Doha in question
Reconciliation between Arab leaders should not be an aim in itself, but only a means to attain greater ends, writes Hassan Nafaa
A security regime for the Middle East
The pursuit of a comprehensive Middle East security regime is the best way to address Iranian and Israeli nuclear programmes while reassuring key regional players, writes Ezzedine Choukri Fishere
Hero revisited
The Iraqi who threw his shoes at Bush continues to be sidelined by a media reluctant to accept that the latter is the real criminal, writes Ramzy Baroud
Strategic juxtapositions
Arab hawks may have got what they want: a right-wing government in Israel with which no negotiation will be possible. But on the ground, Israel is still entrenching its position, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
Too old school to strike
The Muslim Brotherhood is tied to a worldview that cannot come to grips with the protests that mark today's political scene, writes Hossam Tammam
The meanings of change
Why such a great fear of democracy? Galal Nassar examines the pathology of apathy
Salama A Salama:
Toxic assets

Anwar El-Sadat

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