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Status quo victory
In Beirut Omayma Abdel-Latif wonders whether Lebanon needs another Doha agreement
More cases of swine flu
Ten cases of swine flu but, say officials, there is no need for the public to panic, Reem Leila reports
'All options possible'
Is the People's Assembly about to be dissolved? Gamal Essam El-Din sifts through the possibilities
Strategic dialogue launched
It's full steam ahead to boost Egyptian-US relations, reports Doaa-El-Bey
Keeping it going
A flurry of Arab diplomatic activity aims to build on Obama's outreach to the Muslim world and to remove all obstacles -- including Palestinian disunity -- to Middle East peace talks, reports Dina Ezzat
Competition heats up
Farouk Hosni's candidacy for the post of UNESCO director-general is coming under fire. Nevine El-Aref dodges the bullets
Waiting for action
Opposition parties cautiously welcomed US President Barack Obama's speech. Now, they say, the rhetoric must be turned into practical policies, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Notice on illegal organ trade
A new legislation finally aims to regulate organ transplants, reports Reem Leila
The aid brigade
Effective supervision of aid funds is becoming increasingly important to donors and recipients alike. Sherine Nasr tracks upgraded efforts by various Egyptian agencies to guarantee that aid money is spent wisely and effectively
Development in 3D
Urban density is a good thing, the 2009 World Development Report implies, Niveen Wahish reports
Waiting for something big
With relations between Fatah and Hamas deteriorating even further, nothing short of a regional caesura appears able to dislodge the deadlock at the heart of Palestinian politics, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Evasive moves
After Obama's candid address in Cairo, Israel's prime minister is gearing up to swamp hopes of peace in impossible conditions and demands, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem
Israel obstructs UN Gaza probe
Adding insult to injury, Israel blocks the work of UN investigators charged with ascertaining if it committed war crimes in its New Year Gaza offensive, Amira Howeidy reports
The forgotten children
Blown apart and maimed, if not killed, and then ignored, hundreds of children in Gaza are callously cut off from vital medical help, writes Ramzy Baroud
War of nerves
Despite US attempts to coax Iran into cooperation, Israeli pre-emptive action, and consequent war, remain closer than many believe, writes Mohammed Herzallah
Democracy Lebanese-style
Election weekend was a surreal festival of airport hugs, car convoys, and gunfire, Lucy Fielder reports
Mixed reactions
A week after US President Barack Obama's speech at Cairo University, Gihan Shahine sifts through a web of applause, scepticism and cautious optimism
Partnership or dominion?
An address by the US president at Cairo University attempted to undo the legacy of bitterness left by his predecessor, says Anayat Durrani
The Moor the merrier
History will judge who lost Mauritania, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Rhetoric and reality
Graham Usher in Islamabad explains why Pakistanis were so under-whelmed by Barack Obama's appeal to the Muslim world
Spring harvest
Nehad Selaiha is caught in a theatrical eddy
The final act
Quizzing out two of the country's best-known acting coaches, Nesmahar Sayed attends a workshop by one of them
Getting to know you
As Egypt prepares to play Brazil, Italy and the US in the 14-28 June Confederations Cup in South Africa, Al-Ahram Weekly takes a closer look at the 17-year-old football extravaganza
Meetings head-to-head
Earlier this morning, the Egyptian national team flew to South Africa suffering from a heavy defeat in World Cup qualifiers and leaving behind a shell-shocked nation. Can they make it up at the Confederations Cup? Inas Mazhar highlights the eight participating teams

For days Tehran has been gridlocked by huge demonstrations in support of the two leading candidates, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mir Hussein Mousavi. Mehdi Karrubi and Mohsen Rezai, who are also standing, are rank outsiders...

Iran 2009:
choosing a future
By Mustafa El-Labbad
After that speech
By Hassan Nafaa
The devil in the details
By Ayman El-Amir
The delicate balance
By Ghada Karmi


Obama backtracks
By Ahmed Naguib Roushdy


A real solution to the crisis
The only way of helping the millions suffering the consequences of the global financial crisis is to jettison the economic model, with its engine of inequality, championed by those running the capitalist system, writes Curtis Doebbler
Lost illusions
Following its return to the country a year after the US-led invasion, the UN's actions in Iraq have been a catalogue of disappointments, argues Mokhtar Lamani
A fun-free farce?
As European citizens demonstrate their addiction to television song contests, their apathy in elections can be explained by the democratic deficit of EU institutions, writes Chronis Polychroniou
Talks loud, says nothing
More rhetoric, no proposals, is apparently what the world waited so eagerly for and got from Obama's speech in Cairo, writes John Whitbeck
Echoes from the past
Obama espoused too much continuity with past US administrations for Bassem Hassan 's tastes
Where is the fire?
The problem with Obama's speech, more than its whitewashing of US imperial actions, is that it takes as given that a clash of civilisations is occurring, writes Hamid Dabashi
Two plus two equals four
The courage to reach out is the real truth at the heart of Obama's address to the Muslim world, writes James Zogby

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