Al-Ahram Weekly Online   11 - 17 June 2009
Issue No. 951
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Where is the fire?
The problem with Obama's speech, more than its whitewashing of US imperial actions, is that it takes as given that a clash of civilisations is occurring, writes Hamid Dabashi
A real solution to the crisis
The only way of helping the millions suffering the consequences of the global financial crisis is to jettison the economic model, with its engine of inequality, championed by those running the capitalist system, writes Curtis Doebbler
Lost illusions
Following its return to the country a year after the US-led invasion, the UN's actions in Iraq have been a catalogue of disappointments, argues Mokhtar Lamani
A fun-free farce?
As European citizens demonstrate their addiction to television song contests, their apathy in elections can be explained by the democratic deficit of EU institutions, writes Chronis Polychroniou
Talks loud, says nothing
More rhetoric, no proposals, is apparently what the world waited so eagerly for and got from Obama's speech in Cairo, writes John Whitbeck
Two plus two equals four
The courage to reach out is the real truth at the heart of Obama's address to the Muslim world, writes James Zogby
Echoes from the past
Obama espoused too much continuity with past US administrations for Bassem Hassan 's tastes

In the US's interests

The rock and the spirit
By Azza Heikal

This week:
Saad Al-Hariri

Cartoon by Gomaa

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