Al-Ahram Weekly Online   2 - 8 July 2009
Issue No. 954
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

Theatre of mixed means
Nehad Selaiha notes a tendency to incorporate words and images in this year's modern dance festival
Why can't an Arab be more like an Israeli?
Now that it has begun in earnest, the electoral race for UNESCO director-general, a post for which Egypt's minister of culture Farouk Hosni is a strong candidate, has polarised parties on both the domestic and international scenes: Mona Anis sifts through the debate regarding "cultural normalization" between Egypt and Israel, which has had a huge bearing on Hosni's position, while Al-Ahram Weekly's Paris correspondent gauges the mood in UNESCO's host country regarding his nomination
The season ends
Nagwa El-Ashri tours a group show that presents a panorama of contemporary Egyptian art
Plain talk
By Mursi Saad El-Din

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