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Issue No. 969
Reader's corner
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Readers' corner

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Under cover

Sir-- I am glad and proud that our government has taken a firm stand against female students in all-female dormitories wearing the niqab (face veil). For once they were not pressured into backing out for fear of seeming "unreligious".

Even if one chooses to wear the niqab, which to my intensive readings and Islamic learning, is not obligatory nor Islamic, why should they wear black? Not only is black ugly for their age, it is ridiculous in this hot weather. Why not grey or navy blue, brown or even coloured?

Disguised students could be terrorists, for all we know, and blow up the whole campus.

And if a student is fully concealed and her identity is hidden, then what measures should be taken for her final exams? It could be her father, brother or mother taking the exams in her place.

When Egypt tries to go forward, it is the backward way of thinking from a minority of ignorant people who keep us back.

Hoda Nassef

Scrolls reversed

Sir-- Re 'Promised lands' (15-21 October, Al-Ahram Weekly ), thank you for speaking up and educating those of us who do not know what is happening.

Why don't Canada and the ROM do the right thing and seize the Dead Sea Scrolls and return them to the rightful owners? At least they could hold them until the rightful owners can be proven. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and these were stolen Jewish artefacts, and Canada not act? The law should apply to all and not to just those who wield their power through their involvement with government officials.

As a Canadian I am embarrassed there is a "Canada Park" that is on seized land. It is as if we have sanctioned this park. Without journalists such as yourself we might never know of these illegal and unjust activities.

Carol Woodhouse

Check all the above

Sir-- Re 'The Obama Doctrine' by Abdallah El-Ashaal (1-7 October, Al-Ahram Weekly ) as a citizen of the United States, I appreciate your optimistic words about President Obama. However, until he ends the illegal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, (as he promised) stops trying to get Americans to focus on Iran as the "new" enemy (to appease the powerful corporate war machine), stands up to Israel and demands an end to the egregious occupation of Palestinian territories, fires Geitner and his cronies responsible for the economic meltdown, encourages, rather than discourages the prosecution of Bush, Cheney and the whole lot of them for lying to Congress and heinous war crimes, I sadly must disagree that he is an advocate of legality. And, as "a partner in policy", as you say, I'm confused. To whose policy are you referring? I truly hope your assessment of him is correct because frankly, he scares me. The only consistency I see is he consistently backs down.

Pam Edwards

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